Tasty Carry-Ons: 4 Bags That Mirror Your Culinary Cravings

Satisfy your visual appetite while savoring the flavors of your favorite cuisine.

Cuisines from different parts of the world define the culture of its origins. Food mirrors the resources, stories, and even the clothes of those who consume it. Cuisines create a variety of sensory experiences—from olfactory to gustatory.

To add to the sensory experience, we curated a list of bags that would go well with your favorite cuisine. Eat at your favorite restaurant while wearing these bags that would surely match the cuisine you’re eating.

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Aside from the savory wonders of Filipino cuisine, colorful desserts from the country are also worth a try. From the famous halo-halo to the rice-based desserts, everything is in color. Moreover, the perfect bag while eating Filipino food is from a local brand in the Philippines.  Zarah Juans’ Puto Seko bag resembles the baskets filled with colorful puto sekos. 

Zarah Juan Puto Seko bag in pink
Zarah Juan Puto Seko bag in pink/Photo via Zarah Juan website


One of the most famous foods in French cuisine is the baguette. And it is only fitting that the Fendi Baguette would be used when eating French food. Though not as long as the iconic French bread, the Baguette surely fits a lot. 

Fendi Baguette Chain Midi
Baguette Chain Midi/Photo via Fendi website


Chinese dumplings are widely famous for their variety and taste. To match your dumpling dinner, the Bottega Veneta Pouch resembles your favorite dumpling. Imagine a shark fin dumpling bag, that’s exactly what the Bottega Veneta pouch looks like.

Bottega Veneta Mini Pouch
Mini pouch/Photo via Bottega Veneta website


Japanese cuisine is mostly known for its seafood. From sushis, sashimis, and tempuras—seafood is a big part of Japanese cuisine. To be in theme, wear this Jacquemus fishnet tote bag whenever you go for Japanese food. Following the nautical chic theme, this bag is perfect for completing that seaside look.

Jacquemus fishnet tote bag
Jacquemus fishnet tote bag/Photo via Farfetch

Banner photo via Bottega Veneta website.

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