A Designer’s Commitment To Artistry And The Environment

With sustainability at the core of her craft, Bhem Meijer’s floral arrangements leave a lasting impression.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s November 2023 Issue. 

Flowers have the ability to convey messages of love, happiness, gratitude, and more. This makes them the perfect addition for important celebrations such as weddings. For Bhem Meijer, it was her profound connection with flowers that influenced her decisions as she carefully considered her career path.

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Her 12 years as a floral designer and event stylist began after she earned her diploma from the Institute of Philippine Floral Techniques. “I realized that I wanted to channel my creativity and passion for floral design in a fulfilling career. It was the way I could combine my skills and bring happiness to others through the beauty of flowers,” Meijer tells Lifestyle Asia.

Florist and event stylist Bhem Meijer
Bhem Meijer

In 2011, the stylist opened her own flower shop, Il Fiore, in Tagaytay. Initially focusing on creating gift bouquets, Meijer found herself unexpectedly immersed in the wedding industry. With the increasing number of inquiries for wedding floral arrangements, it sparked her interest in this niche of the industry.

To further her knowledge and skills in wedding event styling, Meijer enrolled in Teddy Manuel’s renowned masterclass. “The insights and skills I gained allowed me to attract a wider range of clients and offer a more diverse set of services,” the designer shares. “This has not only enhanced my business but also enriched my abilities in creating stunning and unique floral designs for various occasions and settings.”

Wedding venue designed by Bhem Meijer

Through the masterclass, Meijer received invaluable support from social media. She was also able to collaborate with other suppliers in the wedding industry, allowing her business to flourish. “This journey allowed me to expand my horizons and establish a successful career in event styling.”


As for her legacy, Meijer aspires to be recognized as a sustainable florist and event stylist. “My passion lies in creating unique, eco-conscious floral arrangements and event designs that leave a lasting impact. With a commitment to sustainability and a penchant for artistic freedom, I aim to bring a fresh and environmentally friendly perspective to the world of floral design and event styling.”

One of the designer's events

As she continues to actively seek opportunities for international events while maintaining the longevity of her business, Meijer is always reminded of the great joy she finds in crafting arrangements that are in perfect harmony with nature.

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Photos by Adrian Ardiente and Falling In Between.

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