Legendary Michael Jordan Sneakers Estimated At $20 Million At The Least

The collection to top all sneaker collections, the NBA legend’s Nike Air Jordans could fetch millions.

Six NBA championships, six Finals MVPs, five league MVPs, and two Olympic gold medals. These are just some of Michael Jordan’s achievements.

As one of the greatest athletes who has ever lived, his belongings have become highly sought after collector’s items.

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From February 27 to March 3, some of Jordan’s sneakers will be on display at Sotheby’s Dubai location. 

Dubbed “The Dynasty Collection,” the six Nike Air Jordans were each worn by the athlete in pivotal games throughout his NBA career. Specifically, during the six championship games the Chicago Bulls won in the 1990s.

The auction house hasn’t disclosed the price of the collection, but sneaker collectors consider the set to be priceless. They estimate the value to reach millions, making them the most expensive shoes ever sold.

“They have everything that collectors want: championship history, Hall of Famer association—and style, style, style,” said Leila Dunbar, an experienced memorabilia appraiser.

According to Sotheby’s, the high-top Nikes were collected by Tim Hallam, a communications director for the Chicago Bulls. Hallam said that Jordan himself handed him each sneaker after the final buzzer of the championship games.

Though he still works for the Bulls, the collection is no longer in Hallam’s possession. “I really don’t have much to say other than I’m happy that the shoes are being seen by so many people,” he said.

The Air Jordan VIII from 1993 is signed “‘Our’ LAST F—ing Game” with the game’s final score written on the toe of the shoe. Likewise, the Air Jordan XII from 1997 is autographed along its white panel while the signature on the Jordan VI from 1991 has cracked and yellowed with age.

Hallam eventually sold his collection to a seller who is now putting them up for sale through Sotheby’s. Neither have disclosed the identity of the current owner, nor the price he originally paid for the set.

The auction house will also be taking the sneakers on tour in Hong Kong and Singapore after Dubai.

Banner image via Twitter @Sothebys

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