The Future of Fashion Balances Beauty and Innovation

Designing fashion pieces doesn’t constantly depend on the latest buzz. Sometimes, it’s all about creating a trend according to the season. Summer is here and everyone can already feel the intense heat from climate change. It’s only fitting for fashion designers and style enthusiasts to not only seek and express beauty in fashion but to be eco-conscious as well.

sustainable fashion
Joey Mead King with H&M Head of Communications Dan Mejia. (Photograph from H&M)

H&M celebrated the embodiment of nature and designing of pieces made with sustainable materials at the brand’s 2019 Conscious Exclusive collection. The event was filled with celebrities, influencers, and stylists like Joey Mead King.

Upon entering the event, a beautiful stage set-up lit with hues of lavender, soft pink, sand, and coral green greeted the guests. The colors embodied the palette of the Conscious Exclusive collection inspired by the beauty of nature. Floral prints, jacquards, and flowy silhouettes are some of the striking designs.

The collection is made of three sustainable materials. These are Piñatex®, natural leather made from cellulose fibers of pineapple leaves; BLOOM™ which uses algae biomass to make flexible foam; and Orange Fiber® for citrus juice by-products to make silk-like fabrics.

conscious exclusive
Panel discussion with Dr. Carmen Hijosa. (Photograph from H&M).

Piñatex® Founder and CEO Ananas Anam Dr. Carmen Hijosa gave a short class on sustainability and its positive effects in the industry and in society. The possibilities of weaving fabrics for fashion are endless as it focuses on constant innovation. This makes for wearing pieces that make a statement for its glamor and for its environment-friendly materials.

At the end of the launch, the guests had a wonderful time learning how to find the right balance of beauty and sustainability in every stylish piece they will design or wear.

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