The Jonikal: 208-Foot Superyacht Where Princess Diana Last Vacationed Is For Sale - People

No price has been announced yet, but the ship which features a jacuzzi, swim platform, sun deck, formal dining room, a bar, and office space was previously listed for $10 Million.

The vessel, which was first launched in 1990, reportedly has nine staterooms to hold up to 18 people, apart from 26 crew, according to Town and Country.

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Dodi Fayed’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed the former owner of Harrods owned the ship, then named the Jonikal, says the article which also stated that Mohamed attempted to sell the vessel after the death of Diana and his son, and he parted with the yacht in 2014; while there is no price stated yet for the ship now known as the Bash, it was previously listed for $10 Million. The superyacht features a jacuzzi, swim platform, sun deck, formal dining room, a bar, and office space.

The report further states that the yacht was most recently purchased by Bassim Haidar in 2021 and he plans to sell it in favor of a bigger ship. According to Seawood Yachts director John Wood, the yacht is being refitted with plans to launch it for sale next month.

Per Princess Diana Exhibit, Diana was “by most accounts the most photographed human in history.” The exhibit that opened in Tyson’s Corner Center just outside Washington, DC offers a “front row walk through history that tells the untold story of how Princess Diana changed the world.”

The website states that “for the first time in his 60-year career, Diana’s favorite Royal photographer tells 50+ untold stories of royal life and the Princess that we couldn’t take our eyes off of.” That photographer is none other than Anwar Hussein, and together with his sons Zak and Samir, they share their experiences with the princess and her family.

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The exhibit tells from their perspective what they had personally witnessed “with depth and detail.” Guests have the flexibility and convenience to navigate through the exhibit at their own pace and the experience may take between 60 to 90 minutes approximately. Tickets start at $25 per head for adults.

Banner photo via Instagram @princessdianaexhibition.

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