The Kafubu: An Enormous 37-Kilogram Cluster Of Emeralds Is Up For Auction - Objects of luxury

The 187,775-carat cluster expects to garner a record price for a single emerald piece.

In a report by Rapaport, “Gemfields will sell a cluster containing 187,775 carats of emeralds at an upcoming rough tender, expecting it to garner a company record price for a single emerald piece.”

The article further states that the miner recovered the Kafubu Cluster in March 2020 and is named for the river that forms the natural boundary of its Kagem emerald mine in Zambia. Furthermore, the report shares that “the mass contains only a very small amount of ore and other minerals, meaning the piece is almost entirely made up of emeralds.”

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According to Jackson Mtonga, assistant sort-house manager for Kagem who has been employed by the company for 28 years now, “Rarity is one of the factors that makes emeralds hold such a special value in many cultures around the world, but the combination of this crystal cluster formation, the overall quality and the sheer enormity of the Kafubu Cluster is something I never thought possible.”

The company shares that the stones in the cluster are high quality and vivid green, with different levels of crystallization, and the miner believes that once manufactured, it could yield ‘tens of thousands of carats’ of commercial-to fine-quality polished.”

In addition, the company states: “Given its size and quality, it is likely that the Kafubu Cluster will be the most expensive single emerald piece ever sold by Gemfields.”

According to the company website: “The Kafubu Cluster, our gentle giant, is a testament to the high-quality gemstones that can be produced when Mother Nature allows time for the various crystals to form deep within the Earth’s crust. Gemfields’ geologists describe the formation process of emeralds as an incredibly rare coming together of uncommon elements in unusual circumstances.”

The Kafubu Cluster will be showcased by Gemfields until bidding closes on November 17.

To learn more, visit the website.

Banner photo from the Gemfields website.

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