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Journey through El Nido’s hidden gems with Lihim’s curated tours and private lounges.

El Nido is seeped in magic, myth, and adventure. Its many secluded islands and white sandy beaches embody the dream life in a tropical paradise. The usual tours allow visitors to explore and discover one of the world’s best island destinations. Private lounges of Lihim Resort, however, take guests on a truly unique sensorial journey. Located in hidden isles, secret lagoons and secluded shores around El Nido, these bespoke private tours inspire guests to connect intimately with the island’s hidden gems. 

Hayag Beach Club

Tours are led by experienced, highly-skilled local guides who are well-versed with the island’s history, folklore, and little known secrets. Theirs is a brand of service that sets the bar high when it comes to curated, private tours. More than simply meeting demands, guides at Lihim anticipate the needs of guests, especially while exploring the island’s little known jewels. 

Just Beyond The Blue Lagoon

The Araw Lounge in Cadlao Lagoon is perched on the limestone cathedrals of Ubugon Cove. Calm, turquoise waters lead the path towards a tranquil bamboo villa. It is a quaint and rustic island nook, built with reverence for the lagoon’s natural landscape. Open from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. daily, this tropical retreat is an ideal place for swimming in crystal clear waters, snorkeling, and kayaking. 

The Araw Lounge

Bespoke brunch or late lunch comes highly recommended as a means for replenishing after a day of water activities. Specials from the private tour’s menu include lobsters, the day’s freshest catch, grilled and paired with vegetables and homemade sauces. Fruit nectars and coconut water straight from the shell, are refreshing treats after an entire day under the sun. 

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The lounge, canopied by tropical trees, is also a place for relaxing afternoon naps, a clearing yoga or meditation session. At the Araw Lounge in Cadlao Lagoon, guests are embraced and welcomed by nature’s crown jewels: crystal clear waters and thriving marine life, all seemingly embraced by age-old lime formations and greenery. It is an island experience not to be missed while in El Nido.  

Unparalleled Views Of El Nido’s Famed Sunset

Tubigen Lounge holds many pleasant surprises, among them unparalleled views of El Nido’s golden hour. Tucked along the secluded shores of Pinagbuyutan Island, the lounge floats just above the rock formations where the ocean meets earth. There are hammocks, woven mats, sun beds, board games, and swings that welcome intimate groups into what might appear to be a dream living room in a secluded paradise. 

Tubigen Lounge

Slow-living is celebrated at Tubigen. And the only items on the to-do list are: frolic in cool waters, linger until the golden hour, and toast to luxury in simplicity. Bespoke meals, midday snacks, and libations are also an option when visiting this insider’s favorite sunset destination. Lihim’s signature playlist of beach lounge tunes accompanies the special moments that unfold as the day turns to night. At Tubigen Lounge, the usual sunset sessions are elevated into precious memories spent in nature–and shared with those whom we hold dearest. 

Your Very Own Soiree On Shore 

Hayag Beach Club  is a secluded beachfront where sprawling immaculate shores are one’s playground. Located in Sabang Beach, this stunning stretch of white sand features a private lounge and bar. It is a secret destination ideal for hosting a private party of sun worshippers, beachcombers, and adventure seekers. This decidedly rustic and quaint location set the stage for intimate beach soirees punctuated by toasts of Aperol Spritz.

Hayag Beach Club

Unlike the usual beach clubs,  Hayag reveals the simple joys and pleasures of life in a small fishing village. Activities to engage in include water sports, trekking and forest exploration. When booking a tour of Hayag Beachclub with Lihim Resorts, guests also have the option to curate their very own feast of seafood specials, tropical nectars, lounge music, and fine spirits. All one has to think about is putting together a guestlist. 

Off Grid and Connected With Nature

Kingkong Lounge is an off-grid, undisturbed island revelation. When viewed from the sea, the contour of the hill that backdrops the beach resembles the head of a gorilla. Closer inspection, however, will reveal a veiled piece of paradise on Balinuad Beach, which we have fondly called King Kong Beach.  Here, powdery white shore lay out endlessly for lounging all day and luxuriating by the sea. The sea breeze can either caress one into a restful nap by the beach, or energize long hours for nature walks, snorkeling, and kayaking. 

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Photos courtesy of Lihim Resorts.

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