The Mallin Collection: A Journey Of A Lifetime Estimated At Over $50 Million - Arts & Culture

Over the last 30 years, Sherry and Joel Mallin have collected over a thousand pieces of art, and the entire collection is about to go to auction.

According to Bloomberg Pursuits, “The art—by volume, one of the largest collections to go to auction—will be sold at Sotheby’s with an overall estimate exceeding $50 million. The pieces will be spread across multiple auctions in London and New York this year; further sales, including a dedicated auction of monumental sculptures, will take place in 2023 and 2024.”

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An article in the Sotheby’s website says, “Now, as the Mallins part with the 15-acre sculpture-filled grounds, the purpose-built 10,000 square foot ‘Art Barn’ and their magical home at Buckhorn Park, the hundreds of works that adorned its various spaces will come to auction at Sotheby’s, to be offered between October 2022 and 2024. First among the sales from their collection will be some 63 works to be sold in London this October, including an encyclopedic survey of the YBAs, of whom the Mallins were early and dedicated adopters. Among the various offerings between then and 2024 (see below for details), will be a landmark dedicated sale, in February 2023, of some 31 outdoor sculptures from Buckhorn Park. Featuring works by Carl Andre, Sol LeWitt, Anthony Gormley, William Kentridge, Richard Serra, Jaume Plensa and Joel Shapiro.”

“The vast majority of the 1,000+ treasures to be offered will be making their first ever appearance on the market, many having been acquired directly from the artists themselves, most of whom, in turn, are long-time friends of the Mallins,” the website adds.

Furthermore the website narrates that over the course of their collecting journey, the couple “has developed deep friendships with many leading contemporary artists who they supported and nurtured, acting both as patrons and extended family to Liza Lou, Andy Goldsworthy, and Doug, and Mike Starn, among others.”

In an Instagram post, Sotheby’s states: “Containing masterworks by the likes of Louise Bourgeois, Yayoi Kusama, Gerhard Richter, and more, Sherry and Joel’s collection is a fierce tribute to their love of art in all of its forms.” 

The Mallins share, “We like to say we collect art, but we really collect artists. We’ve collected a whole group of art family members, who are a part of our family.”

Sotheby’s adds that “the sales of the Mallin Collection will continue this November at Sotheby’s New York and will be followed by dedicated auctions starting in 2023 until 2024.”

Visit the Sotheby’s website to learn more. 

Banner photo from Sotheby’s via YouTube.

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