An Artful Balance of Flavors: The Mango Tree Offers a Taste of Thailand

For food connoisseurs, traveling is one way to taste specialty dishes and explore diverse flavors across the globe. Yet when it comes to indulging in the flavorful dishes of Thailand, one does not have to fly there. You can simply drive to The Mango Tree and enjoy a Thai culinary journey. The casual fine dining restaurant has mastered the artful balance of four flavors–sweet, sour, salty, and spicy–to bring together a wonderful menu appealing to casual foodies and adventurous food enthusiasts.

Interiors of The Mango Tree.

Authentic Thai cuisine

With its floor-to-ceiling windows and cozy furnishings in warm tones, The Mango Tree is certainly an elegant place where you can taste the flavors of Thailand. Since its establishment back in 1994 in Bangkok, the restaurant has built a branch at Trinoma and a bistro in Greenbelt. Its flagship in BGC has a 30 seat-mezzanine, a 20 seat-solarium, and a full bar. Apart from the soothing ambiance of the restaurant, diners will enjoy tasting dishes from the menu that changes every six months to a year. Yet for loyal clients, The Mango Tree keeps the favorites as well as highlighting new creations.

The restaurant takes authentic ingredients from Thailand, ensuring each dish is an artful balance of flavors from four regions. The Northern region uses seasonal ingredients and bitter flavors. The Northeast features salads with the zest of lime, mint, and other fresh herbs. The Central region combines sweet and rich flavors using spices like dried red peppers and sweet basil. In the South, they favor intense flavors like curries with chili and turmeric. Bringing together the defining characteristics of these four regions helped the chefs of The Mango Tree create incredible Thai dishes.

An artful balance of four flavors

For The Mango Tree’s appetizer, they have Crispy Thai Crackers with Thai relishes. The spice of the mashed eggplant sauce offsets the plain crisp texture of the crackers. The burst of flavor guarantees a thrilling of the palate for the savory dishes to follow.

For the salad, we have the Crispy Fish with Green Mango Salad made from catfish floss. The mango slices and its extract add a zesty taste. The cashew nuts contrast against the soft, almost melt-in-your-mouth texture of the salad.

Chicken with Cashew Nuts.

For lovers of spicy food, Stir-fried Rice Noodles with Crab Meat will be your favorite. Mee Khorat sauce drizzles over the noodles mixed with vegetable slices to give a vibrant color. And with most colorful Thai dishes, these noodles have an intense savory and spicy taste. The noodles are best paired with Thai Isan Spareribs. Indulge in the premium meat covered in flavorful jim jaew sauce and garnished in fresh thinly-sliced carrot slices. For casual foodies, Chicken with Cashew Nuts is a safe choice. Green and red bell peppers add a fresh taste to the small chicken chops.

A sweet and refreshing taste

A sweet option is Thai Style Mochi. The glutinous rice balls covered in grated coconut sugar make for a delicious dessert that is not too sweet. It is best eaten while hot to enjoy the soft and chewy texture of the mochi. To cap off your lunch, choose among the bestseller drinks like Nutty Mango (mango and almond topped with cranberry) and Mango Coco Lassi (mango and coconut blended with yogurt). These two specialty drinks offer a refreshing taste after the diverse rich flavors of the Thai dishes.

The Mango Tree takes you to a wonderful Thai culinary journey with its diverse flavors. The menu is perfect not only for Purists or those who enjoy classic Thai cuisines but also for Adventurists who like exploring intense flavors.

The Mango Tree is located at Bonifacio Global City, TriNoma, and Greenbelt 3. For reservations contact (02) 621-3233 or +63 9175349145.

Photos by Pauline De Mesa

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