The Master: Filipino Chef Earns Michelin Star For Japanese Restaurant in Florida - LA Wine & Dine

Nothing says melting pot quite like a US-based Japanese restaurant with a Filipino chef.

Filipino chef Michael Collantes has received his first Michelin star for his work at Florida’s Soseki Modern Omakase.

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During the Japanese restaurant’s multicourse dining experience, the kitchen serves personalized dishes to a maximum of 10 guests at a time.

Such courses consist of seasonal items given the “omakase” (leave it to the chef) treatment. This means the restaurant can pair anything from toro and caviar, to A5 beef and collard greens—depending on the mood.

The Michelin Guide described Soseki Modern Omakase as “an ideal illustration of a contemporary meal expressed by way of an omakase.”

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“A laser-like focus on local Florida produce results in a menu that changes monthly. As a result, guests are likely to experience a new culinary theme each time they visit,” the Michelin review reads.

The guide particularly recommended the “Scandinavian-style” sashimi, which it said displays the desired balance between complexity and creativity, as well as having elements that unite seamlessly.

Overwhelming reaction

Collantes has since expressed gratitude for his team in light of his restaurant’s achievement.

“All the things that happen in our tiny four walls of Soseki, I can’t express the amount of passion, care, and detail you all put in week in and week out. Humbled by this team. Thankful for your heart and talents. Thank you for allowing me to grow as a person and a chef,” Collantes said.

He acknowledged how hard the past year has been, saying it was a testimony of hard work and passion.

“Can I get a ‘oiu, chef’? For the team!” Collantes concluded.

Banner Photo by Michael Collantes via Instagram

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