The New BMW 7 Series Inspires Us to Never Stop the Drive For Pure Excellence - Play

Embody the spirit of progress and innovation as you pursue a new-found purpose in your drive for pure excellence with the new BMW 7 Series

The BMW 745Le Pure Excellence in Black Sapphire Metalic

There’s an adage that goes: “The work never stops.” Yes, these times present us with challenges that may put our businesses or duties to a screeching halt, but these situations only drive us to exceed our own expectations. Yes, the work never stops because the work constantly transforms in the spirit of progress.

Ultimately, that is what makes us a society that drives the world. Our passions should always be tuned to the beat of improvement and innovation. There can’t be progress without change–whether that’s realigning your social responsibilities, or expanding your worldview. The road may be challenging, but the journey shouldn’t be exhausting. Embodying this same spirit of innovation, and accompanying your drive for pure excellence, is the new BMW 7 Series.

An interior shot of the BMW 745Le, featuring striking chrome detailing and the BMW Live Cockpit Professional system

With a confident presence, sophisticated elegance, and strikingly innovative technologies, the BMW 7 Series comes in two body variants: the BMW 745Le Pure Excellence and the BMW 730i Pure Excellence. The vehicles present an extensive design refresh: slimmer LED headlights, upright Air Breathers on the side profiles, and a bolder trademark kidney-grille up front provide just as much function as its striking form. Convenience is also integrated in the elements we often take for granted, such as a gesture-controlled Automatic Tailgate Operation for loading and unloading cargo, Welcome Lights for visibility as you approach the door, and Soft-Close Doors as you prepare to depart for work with purpose.

Beauty is often found in the details. As we try to navigate through a world always in motion, we should keep in mind that small efforts can have great impact. Take the intricate workmanship of the Nappa leather interior; temperature, ventilation, and massage control of the seats; and gesture control for the vehicle’s media hub–standard features in the BMW 745Le that elevate it to a new level of class and comfort.

The new BMW 7 Series also comes in various color confogurations to suit your style, such as Alpine White

As we move forward with new ventures and a new-found purpose, it is important to always remain interconnected and keep safety as a priority. Both variants of the new BMW 7 Series come equipped with BMW Live Cockpit Professional, comprising the navigation and multimedia systems, together with a digital, high-resolution instrument cluster behind the wheel. BMW’s Parking Assistant comes standard with the 745Le, allowing automatic assisted parking in and out of spaces for stress-free maneuvering.

For a dynamic yet efficient travel across a wide variety of driving conditions, the new BMW 7 Series comes in two performance configurations. The BMW 730i is equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, while the BMW 745Le serves as the brand’s first-ever Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle in the Philippines, offering a 3.0-liter six-cylinder gasoline engine paired with an electric motor.

Elegance in excellence—the BMW 730i is the more compact variant of the series but doesn’t hold back on comfort and control

The Managing Director for BMW Group Asia, Christopher Wehner, said it best: “Premium and sustainability go hand in hand. Our mobility, like everything else, is only justified if it supports the future health of our planet.” Drive the world to a safer and more meaningful future, and may that work never stop.

Watch the full unveiling here.

Contact your nearest BMW dealership and book an exclusive appointment to experience the new BMW 7 Series for yourself. Learn more about these sophisticated models on their website. For the latest in sheer driving pleasure, follow BMW on Facebook and Instagram.

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