The New LG Refrigerator is Perfect for the Stylish Homeowner -


Preparing for a dinner party means opening the refrigerator constantly. Ingredients must be well organized and easily accessible. Houseguests may also find themselves flooding the kitchen for a sneak peak of the chef’s special creations, looking through the fridge simply out of curiosity and habit. Bottles of wine and bubbly must remain chilled, but handy and ready for serving. With the refrigerator acting as a party’s second host, it is essential that homeowners must have one that is highly durable, useful and even stylish. LG Electronics has released the latest InstaView Door-in-Door (DID) refrigerator giving homeowners a sleek-looking refrigerator with all the necessarily capabilities for energy saving and storing produce.

Backed up by a 10-year warranty, the InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator is powered by LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor, which results to 32% lower energy consumption and 25% less noise. Deep conversations in the kitchen while making a fresh batch of midnight pancakes can be enjoyed without unwanted background noise.

The sleek black glass panel design is modern and runs 33-inches tall. Two knocks on this board will illuminate the insides of the refrigerator, allowing owners to see the inside without having to open it. This saves cold air, and reduces cold air loss by 41% compared to regular refrigerators.

Those who are particular with how their refrigerator is organized can revel in the InstaView’s many compartments. The DID compartment is spacious and can store snacks and beverages that are constantly consumed without having to open the main door. By pressing the hidden button at the bottom of the refrigerator door, it opens up giving owners a bird’s eye view of their organized treasure of snacks. Additionally, there is a utility box inside that can be used to organize smaller foods.

LG also uses a high-grade non-plumbing water and metallic ice dispending system. A streamlined water tank in the main compartment makes it easier to get water for visitors. The SpacePlus Ice System creates ready to use ice without the disadvantages of having an ice bucket on the table and staining newly varnished wood.

As the kids run in and out of the kitchen for cold beverages between soccer matches in the garden, bacteria is bound to enter the refrigerator. The InstaView is equipped with the innovative Hygiene Fresh+ that eliminates orders, contaminated air and 99% of all bacteria. Together with the Most Balance Crisper system that helps keep the peak moisture levels of food items, and the FRESH Balancer, which optimizes humidity, the refrigerator always puts safety first for the entire family.

LG’s latest refrigerator is compatible with the SmartThinQ application, which allows the owners to control it from their smartphones. Whether at home or not, one can adjust the temperature of the system to their liking. Features like the Express Freeze, Hygiene Fresh operations, and a self-diagnosis of internal problems can easily conducted with the press of a button.

LG products are available in leading appliance stores nationwide. For more information visit <>

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