The Power of Dr. Apostol: Designing Transformative Smiles

With love and passion for arts that began in music and culinary, Dr. Jonas Apostol soon finds a different calling in the field of science, where he envisions a world of beautiful smiles

Happiness is a habitual trait most Filipinos possess, and it often starts with a smile. Rooted in Philippine culture, our sunny disposition in life reveals our power to create happiness through heartwarming smiles. Dr. Jonas Apostol of Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center shares this same idea with a vision: the most beautiful smiles are created from the science behind the beauty. When art and science coexist, an expressive visual form of joy draws confidence to the face. 


Contrary to what people would often assume about Dr. Apostol, he wasn’t into science when he was young. He was a lover of arts in the form of music and culinary before he became a smile maker.

Dr. Jonas Apostol CEO of Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center
Dr. Jonas Apostol looks forward to the future with a great smile

“[My love for] music came from the influence of my family because some of them are musicians and professional singers,” Dr. Apostol enthusiastically shared, trying to recall those days when he thought he would be one of them. “As for the culinary [interest], I guess it was simply because of our Filipino culture [with our love for home-cooked food].”.

But it’s also in our culture to dream bigger and strive for greatness. With significant understanding and empathy for the doctor’s parents’ journey, he followed what they thought would be best for him. 

“We weren’t well-off [financially]. My parents were investing a lot of money for me, and I had to set aside my love for music and culinary,” Dr. Apostol explained. “I saw a dental school I wanted to try and thought I’d pursue music after my pre-dental course. But it didn’t happen because my friends went straight to dental proper [study], which compelled me to keep going.”


Dr. Apostol has been practicing for almost 15 years now. “I could not give up dentistry, not when I’ve learned to love it, and I’ve invested [a lot of time and effort] in it,” Dr. Apostol said with a knowing smile. “I was also inspired by dentists here and abroad to help me achieve my life destination.” 

Dr. Jonas Apostol CEO of Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center
In the process of cosmetic treatment, Dr. Apostol takes health and functionality into consideration

To keep him going in the pursuit of becoming the best version of himself, the cosmetic dentist read the book by Napoleon Hill entitled Think and Grow Rich. Soon, he became immersed in the different disciplines of dentistry. “[But] it’s through this [cosmetic dentistry] as my favorite branch of dentistry that I can express my creativity and my knowledge in the systematic approach. It’s not just about beauty but also about health and functionality. It is the most complex treatment because it’s not just one field of dentistry you have to be good at,” the smile maker thoroughly discussed. 

Later on, he learned the best practices from one school to another, trained and attended conferences locally and globally, became a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is soon to finish his master’s degree in Aesthetic Dentistry at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. He even gives lectures internationally for the International Academy of Aesthetics and gets asked to be a guest speaker and educator during some conferences here in the Philippines. 


As a skilled dentist and CEO of Apostol Dental, Dr. Apostol had a systematic approach to balancing both his roles. However, he could not have done it without his wife and Marketing Head, Elaine Apostol. 

Elaine matched the doctor’s liveliness; as happiness is infectious, she shared the same radiant smile as her husband. “When you have a beautiful smile, you’re happy, and it reflects on the outside. A nice smile will help a person become more confident about himself, and this person will be inspired to do more and be more.”

Dr. Jonas Apostol CEO of Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center
Dr. Apostol’s systematic approach to being a skilled dentist and CEO makes Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center successful

Together, they ensured that their patients understood the process of their treatment. Dr. Apostol also made it clear that he would oversee the journey of his patients, which is why he didn’t want to branch out. With a royalty theme design and 550 square-meter space, the clinic provided patients an elevated experience through a truly massive space for all kinds of treatment in the country. Visually appealing, this gave their patients an idea of how the aesthetics of their teeth would look.

Dr. Jonas Apostol CEO of Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center
The royalty theme design provides patients a comforting and visually appealing space

To keep up with the changing treatment trends, Dr. Apostol traveled to many countries and adopted the best dental practices. From his clinic’s design to sourcing the best materials and scientific basis, he went beyond what was expected of him to give his patients the most beautiful smiles. 

In addition, Dr. Apostol would also offer conventions and workshops that his team could attend to learn more about the best practices in the industry. As innovation continually evolves, so do they. Echoing this thought, he said: “If you want to be the best, you must give it your all. Find a role model to emulate, and never stop learning. Have faith, but also work for it.”   

Apostol Dental Cosmetic Center offers all dental services. Book a consultation by visiting their website.

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