The Power of Three Art Exhibit -

“Life is the constant ebb and flow of holding on and letting go.” -Esther Estey

The main function hall of Discovery Primea was filled to the brim with art aficionados as Artists Tessa Mendoza, Tina Gonzales, and Tessa Alindogan teamed up for the first time to unveil their three women art exhibit called EBB and FLOW at Discovery Primea. Ebb and flow is the natural rhythm of life. It is constant flux, a movement of tensions, of complements. Each artist displayed a distinct style in creating her masterpieces. But when combined, the works become an even more powerful canvas of colors, movements, and contours that made a huge impact on art collectors who immediately acquired their favorite pieces. An auction was held where each artist auctioned of a painting. A portion of the proceeds was donated to Assumption High School Batch 1981 for the benefit of the Assumption Alumnae Association (AAA).

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