Out Of This World Looks Beyoncé Wore For Her World Tour

The superstar’s world tour kicked off last week with a wide array of unique fashion, from a color-changing coat to a custom bee look.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour has officially begun, starting with Stockholm last Wednesday. The singer is going all out with her looks for the 57-stop tour, all styled by Shiona Turini. 

With multiple costume changes throughout the 37-song set, here are some of the best fashion moments from the show so far.

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Color-changing Coat from Anrealage

Color-changing Coat from Anrealage beyonce
Image via Instagram @anrealage_official

Certainly one of the most eye-catching looks of the night, the bell-sleeved coat was designed by the Japanese brand Anrealage. The coat started off white then turned into a kaleidoscope of colors when exposed to a UV light that moved down Beyoncé’s body.

The creator of the piece is Tokyo designer Kunihiko Morinaga, who showcased similar handiwork at Paris Fashion Week in March. He reportedly uses photosensitive fabrics and materials to make fashion magic.

Custom Loewe Bodysuit

Custom Loewe Bodysuit beyonce
Image via Instagram @loewe

The bejeweled bodysuit designed by Jonathan Anderson features arms and hands with red nails wrapped around the body. The design was adapted from a dress in the brand’s fall 2022 collection.

Custom Alexander McQueen Bodysuit

Custom Alexander McQueen Bodysuit beyonce
Image via Instagram @alexandermcqueen

Beyoncé opened the show wearing a custom Alexander McQueen bodysuit with “silver bugle bead and crystal anatomical embroidery,” as the brand described. The base was made of black tulle, so the singer had room to move and dance.

Custom Courrèges Bodysuit

Custom Courrèges Bodysuit Beyonce
Image via Instagram @beyonce

The star wore a reflective Courrèges bodysuit while performing “Alien Superstar,” giving full-on futuristic vibes. She paired the look with white slouchy boots while her dancers matched with their own silver outfits.

Custom Mugler Bee Costume

Custom Mugler Bee Costume Beyonce
Image via Instagram @muglerofficial

Truly the Queen Bey, the singer paid homage to her fanbase the Beyhive by dressing up in a black and yellow striped Mugler look, complete with metal antennae. The outfit was made by Casey Cadwallader, the brand’s creative director.

Banner image via Instagram @beyonce.

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