The Roots of Good Food: Sub-Zero and Wolf Redefine Freshness

Sub-Zero and Wolf, in partnership with Good Food Community, wholeheartedly support hardworking farming communities and the journey of food from seed to plate

In Bauko, Mt. Province, and other remote corners of the Philippines, farmers trek on rugged paths with 20 kilograms of produce on their backs, carrying the weight of an unsupported food industry. In the face of obstacles arising from their isolated locations and limited institutional support, these small-scale farmers persist, enduring scorching heat, heavy rain, and fierce winds that endanger their crops and soil quality. Their commitment goes beyond mere farming; it is deeply heartfelt work. 

For these small-scale farmers, farming is deeply heartfelt work

To support these farmers, Sub-Zero and Wolf, renowned brands for premium refrigeration and cooking appliances respectively, have teamed up with Good Food Community, a social enterprise dedicated to connecting small-scale organic farmers with end-consumers. Their mission is to construct more than 20 crop rain shelters, specially designed to shield against harsh weather conditions and foster optimal crop growth. This initiative aims to preserve over 700 square meters of farmland and empower the farmers of Chico River Organic Practitioners Organization (CROPO) with a sustainable livelihood for the next five years. Through this transformative effort, they will yield over 30,000 kilograms of produce, enriching countless lives with fresh and nutritious food.

Sub-Zero and Wolf, together with Good Food Community, aim to construct more than 20 crop rain shelters

The farmers’ connection to the land and dedication to each crop they cultivate make their work more than just a profession. It becomes a labor of love, one that requires the time and the patience to see something through from start to finish.

Quality ecology and soil care produce crops that stay fresh longer
When ingredients are fresh, their natural flavors shine

Quality ecology and soil care play a pivotal role in producing quality crops that stay fresh longer. When ingredients are fresh, they are at their most nutritious, and their natural flavors shine. With Sub-Zero refrigeration preserving the vibrant goodness of harvest and Wolf cooking appliances unlocking the full flavor and potential of ingredients, a remarkable culinary journey infused with love unfolds. This collaboration not only allows our small-scale farmers to focus on growing produce without having to worry about climate change affecting their crops, but also uplifts them, acknowledging the significance of their work and sowing the seeds of hope for a brighter, more sustainable future. 

Watch and witness the fascinating journey from seed to plate. Learn more about their advocacy at

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