The Scent of Storytelling: These Five Fragrances are Named After Five Landmark Novels - Mirror,Mirror

“We want to evolve and revolutionize how people experience and access scent,” says the man behind the brand.

London-based fragrance brand Timothy Han / Edition recently released a series of unisex perfumes based on five popular novels.

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These include Simone de Beauvoir’s She Came To Stay, Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, Yukio Mishima’s The Decay of the Angel, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and Joris-Karl Huysmans’ Against Nature.

With this new collection, the perfume house tells wondrous narratives in the form of contemporary unisex luxury fragrances.

Each scent is handcrafted and produced in small batches and the raw fragrance materials vary from year to year. This means that each batch contains only a limited stock that is numbered and easily identified for customers to know where their bottle came from.

“Along with creating iconic perfumes, we want to evolve and revolutionize how people experience and access scent,” says Han. “We see fragrance as part of a multi-faceted experience and hence choose to work beyond the bottle.”

She Came To Stay is the second edition of the brand’s debut fragrance inspired by the highly novel of the same name. The gender-neutral fragrance tells a story of examining one’s identity, exploring one’s freedom and sexuality, and finding one’s place in a world on the brink of change.

It echoes the evolving nature of our sense of self and captures our unique, individual spirit, all through a scent that’s referred to by critics as “beautifully addictive.”

On The Road is a unisex perfume inspired by Jack Kerouac’s iconic novel that gave a voice to an entire generation that is still felt today. Channelling this part of history, On The Road tells a tale of restlessness; a road trip across post-war America.

With every spritz, you feel as though you’re driving around the hot July streets of a New York City Summer before eventually arriving at the whisky bar and wheat fields of Middle America, among others.

The Decay of the Angel is a fragrance exhibiting the final longings of a divine being, much like the novel it was inspired from.

It is a scent which explores the notions of decadence and innocence, gradually unfolding the story of birth and rebirth, and when all is said and done, the inescapable beauty of the natural in all its forms. It exudes a rich and exotic burnt floral fragrance with a subtle headiness that comes from desire infused by flowers on the wane.

Inspired by its novel counterpart, Heart of Darkness is a journey into the unknown, a tale of a wanderer ingesting a new culture.

The journey is told through watery green floral notes which inevitably give way to the scent of dark woods and damp moss, infused with hints of burning coal and amber. 

Against Nature steers Timothy Han / Edition in a completely new direction through a scent of freshly broken sapling mixed against the notes of metal, lacquer, and blood.

It emulates its namesake novel and breaks free from naturalist roots, embodying a decadent re-interpretation of its own–of nature at its most ornate.

This new trajectory treads the line between the natural and the artificial through a gender-neutral fragrance featuring leafy green foliage, moist soil, and earthy mosses underscored with notes of cold metal, blood, and lacquer.

Timothy Han / Edition Fragrances are sustainable and created with 100 percent responsibly-sourced ingredients and a certified organic base of grape alcohol. They also don’t test on animals nor use any animal by-products.

Timothy Han / Edition is available at Adora.

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