The Sea Princess Celebrates Her Birthday in Bollywood Fashion -

Bon vivant and everybody’s darling Tessa Prieto Valdes is widely known for throwing some of the most colorful and fun parties in recent history. Her birthday celebration held at the Swatch Building is no exception. Inspired by her recent trip to India Tessa threw a Bollywood themed birthday party complete with Indian Drummers a henna station and sumptuous Indian cuisine. Guests arrived in their finest Indian inspired costumes where they were greeted with welcome leis and special bin.dis placed on the forehead of the women. Tessa made her grand entrance being showered with Rose petals signifying the start of the celebration that included an Indian wedding the celebrant facilitated for her cousin Nanette de Leon and Kowboy Santos. The party went into full gear when a group of dancers performed a string of Bollywood numbers that led the guests to dance floor to join in the fun. The celebration culminated with the awarding of the Best Dressed in Indian Costume to Mary de Leon, Jonjon Rufino, Audrey Zubiri, Mav Rufino, JV and Bertha Montinola.

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