The Story Of Us: Why Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Is A Hit 

Find out why Taylor Swift’s tour is one of the most sought-after concerts in the music industry

One of the leading pop girls who is currently on her world tour at the moment is Taylor Swift. As she announced the Asia leg of her tour, Singapore and Japan are the only countries in the region where there would be shows. Fans all over Asia were both excited and nervous. The excitement comes from the thought of having the opportunity to see their idol, and the nervousness comes from the fear of not securing a ticket. 

Taylor Swift singing in her concert
Taylor Swift singing in her concert/Photo via Instagram @taylorswift

On July 7, 2023, Swift released her rerecorded album Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). Alongside the album’s release was the general sale of concert tickets for her shows in Singapore. People all over South East Asia, especially in the Philippines, queued up and hoped that they would see Swift perform songs from different eras of her career live. 

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Billion-Dollar Tour

It is reported that Swift’s The Eras Tour will reach one billion dollars in sales. It would not be surprising that fans all over the world are eager to watch Swift perform live. In the few clips on the internet posted by fans who attended the live show, it shows that Swift goes all out on the tour. From designer clothes to lavish set productions and a surprise song, she gives the fans everything they need to enjoy a great show—making what they spent on the tickets worth it. 

Taylor Swift singing in her concert
Taylor Swift showing her fans love/Photo via Instagram @taylorswift

In the recent general sale, people were cueing online to have a chance to see her. Others were using multiple devices while queueing. While some lined up on different platforms at the same time, such as Klook and Ticketmaster. Her fans here in the Philippines are willing to travel to Singapore and Japan to watch her live. With that being said, many still question why Swift is a musical phenomenon that people would be willing to travel for.

Voice of a generation 

The very first time I listened to the Speak Now album was when it was released in 2010. I remember listening to the sixth song of the album called Mean. Saying to myself, “This song will be my story.” I was in the third grade when I first heard the song and the whole album. Back then, I was bullied for being a flamboyant boy, and compared to my peers, I was different. The lyrics “Someday, I’ll be livin’ in a big ole city. And all you’re ever gonna be is mean” was my way of escaping the mean words said to me. 

Taylor's post on the day Speak Now (Taylor's Version)
Taylor’s post on the day Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is released/Photo via Instagram @taylorswift

Now that I am 22, working in my dream job, and living alone in a big city, the song I listened to when I was young is my life. Listening to the rerecorded version and hearing the maturity in Swfit’s voice made me look back. I now see how things changed since I listened to the album for the first time.    

Taylor Swift with Joey King and Taylor Lautner
Taylor Swift with Joey King and Taylor Lautner/Photo via Instagram @taylorswift

Stories like this make Swift so special. She tells her life anecdotes through songs, and these songs conveniently tell the stories of millions of people. She creates music that voices out the millions of experiences her listeners have. The album Speak Now is for everyone, it’s for those in their early 20s still finding their purpose in life. It’s for the oldest sibling who had to grow up earlier to take care of their younger siblings. The album is also for those who miss someone they love. It is even for friendships you found that you know would last a lifetime. Speak Now is for everyone. 

It is her way of connecting through her music that makes Swift different from other artists—it is what makes it worth it to see her perform live, no matter what the cost. 

Photo via Instagram @taylorswift.

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