First Come, First Served: Only 25 May Indulge in This Whiskey Tasting Experience with an P80,000 Price Tag Per Head - Wine

Solaire Resort & Casino is exclusively serving The Dalmore’s finest whisky assemblage in the Philippines.

The Dalmore has made available its whisky assemblage representing its finest blends for the first time in the Philippines.

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Known as “100 Years of the Dalmore,” the assemblage contains The Dalmore 25, The Dalmore 35, and The Dalmore 40.

The Dalmore 25. This is the youngest whisky in the flight. Its taste resembles Madagascan vanilla pods and chocolate truffles, with finishing notes of maple syrup, dark chocolate, and spiced gingerbread.

“This trinity of drams of single malt Scotch whisky represents the distillery’s cream of the crop. As well as being some of the more elusive expressions to gather under one roof at any given time in any place in the world,” The Dalmore said.

The luxury single malt brand exclusively offers this experience at the Solaire Resort & Casino’s Whisky Bar.

Solaire now takes its place among a small list of hotels worldwide that offer The Dalmore’s finest assemblage. These include New York’s Baccarat Hotel, Las Vegas’ Picasso at the Bellagio, California’s ROOH San Francisco, and Singapore’s The Cooperage, to name a few.

The Dalmore 35. It has the aromas of roasted Colombian coffee and oranges, as well as tastes of marmalade, roasted chestnuts, and raisins.

Price tag

Only 25 people, however, will get to experience this luxury due to the “rarity of the precious expressions worldwide.” Moreover, each seat will cost P80,888.

“And only a scant number of bottles arrive on Philippine shores each year. Which makes having all three of them under one roof borderline serendipitous,” the brand concluded.

Solaire Resort is at Entertainment City, Aseana Ave, Tambo, Parañaque. Schedule an advanced booking with Whisky Bar at +632888888, or by emailing either [email protected] or [email protected]. For more information, visit

The Dalmore 40. The oldest in the lineup, this selection has the scent of cherries, plums, sultanas, toffee apple, and vanilla pod. Meanwhile, it has flavors of orange peel, chocolate truffles, Old English marmalade, and crushed walnuts.

Photos via Megaworld Corporation.

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