How Rewatching TV Series Is Actually Good For You

Some people are binge-watching their favorite TV series, sometimes even revisiting them. Rewatching TV series has its positive effects, as it turns out.

Streaming services such as video-on-demand channels began to conquer the market after Netflix’s debut in 2007. Naturally, people started to discover the art of binge-watching movies or television shows. Rewatching series and movies turned out to be a trend for some people as well.

Entertainment such as these became a source of coping, joy, and comfort for people. The onset of the pandemic heightened the need for stability, so the phenomenon of rewatching rose in 2020. 

People felt isolated and alone, and understandably, they’d turn onto the closest piece of comfort that is conveniently available for them. One of these is, of course, their favorite movies or shows. Rewatching and binge-watching media people have already seen is believed to be a way of coping. 

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A sense of belonging

University of Buffalo psychology professor Shira Gabriel stresses that watching TV shows can enhance feelings of belonging. Humans have tendencies to find solace in stories as well as be exposed to groups, according to a research that Gabriel co-authors.

Gabriel said that rewatching television shows creates a mirage that comforts and helps people unwind. The paper’s findings realized that rewatching their favorite shows helps people be transported into another world. 

“It’s actually a very healthy part of maintaining a strong sense of self and sense of connection in the modern world,” Gabriel added.

Netflix, one of the video-on-demand streaming services today
Netflix, one of the video-on-demand streaming services today/Photo from freestocks via Unsplash

Restores relaxation and self-control

Rewatching television shows or movies has its perks. Newer shows require people to pay closer attention as there are a lot of plots that need to be understood. People need to familiarize themselves with new characters as well. 

Rewatching doesn’t require people to do those things and instead restores relaxation and self control. Jaye L. Derrick’s short study concludes this. It gives people the luxury of going with the flow, without having to make decisions anymore after a long day. You’ve seen it, so you know what’s going to happen. There will be no more creating theories or drawing conclusions. 

Another research indicates that rewatching television shows gives off the warmth of being “with people” without rejection or scheduling socialization with friends. York University psychology professor and co-author of the study Raymond A. Mar said that fictional characters are “at our bidding” and are available whenever we need them.

Celebrities watching television shows on Celebrity Watch Party
Celebrities watching television shows on Celebrity Watch Party/Photo via IMDb

Helps ease anxiety

The unknown triggers anxiety as we all don’t know what’s coming the next day. This can be stressful. Rewatching provides a feeling of predictability, so this helps with anxiety–especially if it’s a favorite show or a go-to movie. 

There is no shame in revisiting something that you’ve already seen if it helps you reach tranquility. People should prioritize taking care of their mental health and remove the stigma that surrounds it. 
Banner photo via Mollie Sivaram through Unsplash.

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