The Titanic II is Set to Sail in 2022 -

Blue Star Cruise Line will remake the Titanic, the most iconic ship of all time. Although the famous ship has the most disastrous record in maritime history, Blue Star Cruise Line owner Clive Palmer, remains to be in awe of its majestic beauty, thus pushing the production of the $700 million high seas gem set to sail in 2022.

The 1997 film Titanic made everyone aware of how luxurious the ship was. Carrying more than 1,500 guests, the ship remained spacious and well-accommodating both to its regular and first class passengers. We could see sprawling halls and chambers, viewing decks, and a lot of rooms featured in the Oscar-winning James Cameron flick. Although the ship was a mere product of Hollywood, it gave the general public an idea of how the actual Titanic looked like back in 1912.

Blue Star Cruise Line is re-creating the Titanic II as a replica of the original ocean liner. Titanic II will be able to carry 2,500 passengers and 900 crew, more than its predecessor. The company has also made sure that this ship will have enough life-jackets and life boats in case of emergency. The construction of the ship is currently on-going in a shipyard in China.

In 2022, Titanic II will set sail from Dubai to Southampton in a 2-week cruise. Then, the ship will go on the same route as Titanic’s in 1912 — Southampton, England to New York. Following the route will be a world cruise until the end of the year.

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