The Well-Appointed Life: Salcedo Auctions’ Marquee Sale - Arts & Culture

Already on its eighth year, it is the country’s longest-running and biggest annual auction event.

The Well-Appointed Life by Salcedo Auctions features a carefully curated well-appointed collection of Important Philippine Art, antique hardwood furniture, fine jewelry, timepieces, and valuable collectibles. “Among these is an oil on canvas by National Artist Ang Kiukok, featuring his most recognizable still life leitmotifs– the humble potted plant positioned in front of a window,” per an Instagram post.

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According to Salcedo Auctions, world records are annually set during this major auction, among these the highest prices achieved for works by the nation’s most historically significant visual artists. In addition, “These works put Salcedo at the helm of Philippine art as it continues to venture into new domains, embarking on expeditions that provide intellectual and aesthetic solace—worlds that we create.”

An Instagram post says, “Your prized fine art, furniture, jewelry, timepieces, and valuable collectibles deserve nothing less than to be in the well-appointed company of the best and the finest. Among these is an iconic work by leading modernist pillar of Philippine art, Justin Nuyda.”

The brand also shared that “consignments to the country’s longest-running and biggest annual auction, The Well-Appointed Life, are now being accepted.” Furthermore, the room list is “starting to fill up with another exciting range of works by some of the country’s old masters, artisans, established and rising contemporary artists, along with coveted pieces by international designers.”

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Send images of your fine art, furniture, jewelry, timepieces, and valuable collectibles to or email [email protected].

Banner photo via Instagram @salcedoauctions.

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