Here Are the Most Anticipated Broadway Shows Opening This 2023

From a stage adaptation of “Life of Pi” to a new Cinderella story from Andrew Lloyd Webber, performing arts enthusiasts have plenty to look forward to.

Theater is making a strong comeback in 2023 with a wide array of captivating Broadway productions lined up for the year ahead. This growing roster of shows features fresh titles, revivals, and adaptations of existing intellectual properties that aim to enthrall audiences. 

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Whether you plan to visit New York in the coming months or simply enjoy staying updated on the latest and greatest that Broadway has to offer, below are some highly-anticipated performances to look out for: 

Life of Pi 

Life of Pi began as a highly-acclaimed novel by Yann Martel in 2002. The book—which tells the tale of a 16-year-old boy stranded on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger—was eventually adapted into a hit feature film in 2012. 

The story’s second and newest iteration has taken the form of a musical, adapted for the stage by Lolita Chakrabarti. Its 2021 West End production has received a total of five Olivier Awards, which gives audiences a good idea of the quality they can expect from the production. 

Hiran Abeysekera, who played Pi in the London production, will reprise the role in the Broadway musical directed by Max Webster. No real Bengal tigers will star in the production, of course; instead, an intricate tiger puppet designed by Finn Caldwell and Nick Barnes will take center stage. 

Previews for Life of Pi will begin on March 9, and the production will officially open on March 30 at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater in Manhattan. 


Much like Life of Pi, Room was also originally a novel written by Irish-Canadian author Emma Donoghue. In 2015, it got a successful film adaptation starring Brie Larson. The book tells the story of a mother and son who are held captive in a small room for years. 

Now, the somber yet hopeful tale has been adapted for the stage as a musical. While it adds songs and theatricalized moments to the original narrative, its themes of imagination and perseverance remain. The production’s musical numbers are composed by Scottish artists Kathryn Joseph and Cora Bissett, with Bissett also taking the helm of director. 

Previews for Room will be held starting April 3, and the production will officially open on April 17 at the James Earl Jones Theater in Manhattan. 

Back to the Future: The Musical

Another film IP that’ll be getting a musical adaptation is 1985’s widely-popular Back to the Future. The production made waves in London’s West End, and promises to be a sci-fi spectacle jam packed with 80s nostalgia. The musical stays faithful to the plot of the original movie, but is enhanced with a set of impressive solos and extended dance sequences for the enjoyment of theatergoers. 

Performances for Back to the Future: The Musical are set to begin on June 30, while the production will officially open on August 3.

Bad Cinderella

Broadway isn’t quite complete without a thrilling musical from the mind of Andrew Lloyd Webber. His long-running and critically acclaimed production, Phantom of the Opera, is set to close on April 16. This presents the perfect opportunity for a new story to unfold. His latest creation, Bad Cinderella, brings a fresh twist to the classic rags-to-riches fairytale. Rather than being a delicate princess-to-be, Webber’s Cinderella is a strong-willed heroine who’s not afraid to get dirty. 

Previews for Bad Cinderella will begin on February 17, and the production will officially open on March 23. 

New York, New York

What better way to celebrate the beauty of New York than to watch a play about the iconic City of Dreams. That’s exactly what New York, New York—a new Broadway musical inspired by Martin Scorsese’s 1977 film—can offer to its audience. Taking place in New York after World War II, the story centers around a group of young artists who dream of making it big in the city. 

The production will feature most of the original music from the 1977 film, including its titular song. However, it’ll also be adding a few new numbers and an extensive cast. The musical is written by David Thompson and Sharon Washington, and directed by Susan Stroman. It also features a score by Kander and Ebb and additional lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

Performances for New York, New York are set to begin on March 24, while the production will officially open on April 26 at the St. James Theater in Manhattan. 

A Doll’s House

Oscar-winning actress Jessica Chastain has been cast to star in A Doll’s House, a new adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s historical three-act play of the same name. The story follows Nora, a mother and wife who finds herself straining under the weight of societal expectations. The play’s script, written by Amy Herzog, will bring a fresh relevance to the revolutionary feminist themes that made Ibsen’s play so monumental. 

Previews for A Doll’s House will begin on February 13, and the production’s official opening will be on March 9. 

Prima Facie

Suzie Miller’s award-winning play Prima Facie—which quickly sold out in London—is coming to Broadway. Starring Jodie Comer (who is best known for her role in BBC’s Killing Eve) the play tells the story of Tessa, a sharp-witted and intelligent barrister who specializes in cases of sexual assault. However, everything that the young lawyer once knew is put into question when she becomes a victim herself; now, Tessa must “confront the lines where the patriarchal power of the law, burden of proof, and morals diverge.” 

Performances for Prima Facie are set to begin on April 11, while the production will officially open on April 23 at the Golden Theater in Manhattan.

Banner Photo from New York, New York‘s official poster via Broadway Direct.

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