Crisostomo Ibarra’s Story And Mission Come Alive

The Piolo Pascual-led cast brought the story of Filipino sovereignty to life through an amazing stage performance. 

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s August 2023 Issue.

Each country’s sovereignty is built upon the written history that serves as its foundation. The recorded past enables new ideas to flourish—learning from past mistakes and seeing them as opportunities to grow. The Philippines is not short of having a rich historical foundation. After being colonized by three countries, the country’s history is an insatiably interesting non-fiction tale.

Pascual acting in a pivotal scene
Pascual acting in a pivotal scene/Photo via Tanghalang Una Obra

A piece of history has been ripped from the pages of Philippine literature and has been turned into a masterclass in musical theater. Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere was brought to life at the GSIS Theater by a Piolo Pascual-led cast. Each cast member performed the mission to further push historical awareness to the public and for the cause of the show. The show gives back to the community through Rise Against Hunger Philippines.

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Historical Revival

The life of Crisostomo Ibarra revolves around the injustice he had to endure due to a broken system. Ibarra’s tale in the text is full of twists and turns, experiencing both the adoration and condemnation of his community. Undeniably, Pascual gave justice to his character and the story of Ibarra.

Tanghalang Una Obra
Photo by Tanghalang Una Obra

Pascual, a well-known television and film actor, has unquestionable acting prowess. Therefore, it is not surprising to see the actor effectively deliver his lines, but what’s surprising is how Pascual held his own forth in the theatrical singing department. Pascual showed he could translate his charm from the silver screen to the center stage. 

For A Cause

Ibarra was in partnership with GSIS and Rise Against Hunger Philippines. The show’s agenda is to also help a marginalized group in the country—starving children. Purchasing tickets will feed children— an Orchestra One Vip will feed nine children, an Orchestra 2 VIO will feed seven, and one balcony seat will feed five.

Doña Victorina and Sisa
Doña Victorina and Sisa /Photo by Tanghalang Una Obra

Ibarra will have a rerun in September, this time with lower ticket prices. There are no final dates yet but the show would rerun in the same venue. The goal of the rerun is to invite more students and teachers to watch the show— staying true to the mission of fostering historical awareness among the next generation.

Banner photo by Tanghalang Una Obra

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