These Giant Poodles Find Their Forever Homes in the Arms of Their Celebrity Fur Parents - Featured Article

Huggable, gentle, and affectionate—these lovely fur babies have a heart as big as their breathtakingly beautiful appearance

The pandemic was a tough time for everyone. During an uncertain time, we coped in many ways in navigating a new world. One of the things that lifted our spirits during those two years was it gave us the opportunity to find companionship through dogs. More than a lifeline during stay-at-home orders, our furry friends, years later, continue to bring joy into our lives.

One popular dog breed that has gotten so much attention in the past couple of years is the poodle. They are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and their love of learning new tricks. But there’s one breed of poodle that takes these characteristics to the next level: Z Giant Poodles.

Dr Z and Dr Aivee Teo with their Z Giant Poodle Berlin
Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee Teo with their Z Giant Poodle Berlin. Photo courtesy of @zgiantpoodles

Originally bred in Germany, Z Giant Poodles first stepped into the scene when Dr. Z and Aivee Teo posted about their “gentle giants” on their social media accounts. Then cuddly puppies, followers of the Teo family took notice of how their furry friends can also be fashionable in different pet accessories.

Overwhelmed by the love and support that people felt for their giant dogs, Dr. Z saw an opportunity to spread awareness about the breed and founded Designer Z Giant Poodles. It was also established to help promote responsible pet ownership while giving people access to purebred dogs that are easy to maintain at home despite their large size.

Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee Teo Z Giant Poodle Berlin
More than being huggable and lovable, the Teo’s giant poodles became viral on social media because of how they look with pet clothes and accessories. Photo courtesy of @zgiantpoodles

Now, Z Giant Poodles are taking celebrity and influencer homes by storm. Here are some popular personalities who are best pals with furry gentle giants:

Cat Arambulo-Antonio

If you’ve ever gone through Dr. Z’s social media, you’ll notice that the Z Giant Poodles are named after his favorite countries, and Hamilton is named for Hamilton, New Zealand. With a penchant for nicknames, Arambulo-Antonio has kept his original name and calls him Ham, Hami or Sir Hamilton.

“Having Hamilton is like having a massive stuffed toy with me all the time,” shares Arambulo-Antonio. “My most memorable moments with Hamilton is when he jumps on me to be carried when he’s scared of something. He forgets his size and is really the epitome of a gentle giant.”

JC Intal

The former basketball player got his first Z Giant Poodle when the country was in the midst of a lockdown. Dublin got his name from the popular Netflix series Money Heist, one of Dr. Z’s favorite TV shows.

Since Dublin entered the Intal’s lives, the family says they always spot him chilling on the couch, living area, and under the dining table. His daughters, Lucia and Carmen, are so fond of their fluffy brother that they even play make-believe with him.

JC Intal with his family and Z Giant Poodle
One of Dublin’s favorite pastimes in the Intal household is playing with Lucia and Carmen. Photo courtesy of @jcintal7

“It was really like love at first sight,” shares Intal. “My wife Bianca was never really fond of dogs, especially having them inside the house, but when she saw Dublin, she immediately changed her mind. He is part of our family and every day we make sure that he feels our love. Dublin is like our youngest son and my daughters treat him like a baby.”

Yassi Pressman

Known for taking care of American Bullies, it was quite a surprise for Pressman to adopt a charming wooly pup. As the actress’ giant poodle looked so foreign among her pack, she decided to name her dog Euro.

Aside from his unique looks, Euro loves to play alongside his American Bully family. Pressman says he’s energetic and keeps the other dogs busy so they can all nap together afterwards.

“I couldn’t forget when I introduced Euro to my other dogs. They’re such alpha males that I wanted them all to be friends. And they have all become best buddies. That was a very special parent moment for me,” says Pressman.

As Designer Z Giant Poodles have become popular, the demand for their essentials also grew. To address this, Dr. Z Teo came up with Luxuri Pets, a one-stop shop for everything giant poodles and fellow furry friends might need like pet food, bath needs, accessories, and grooming services. The BGC-based pet store exclusively offers a signature cut intended for Z Giant Poodles to maintain their fluff and smooth coat.

For more information, check out the Z Giant Poodles’ website and follow them on Instagram. Luxuri Pets is located in Bonifacio Global City and Alabang.

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