This High-Quality Jewelry Brand Is A Perfect Treasure For Life’s Biggest Moments

When those pinch-me, life-defining moments become a reality, celebrate with only real and exquisite fine jewelry

Life’s most defining moments are often characterised by the everlasting treasures associated with them. Your diploma from graduation, buying your first car or house, or even those handwritten letters from a special loved one during birthdays or holidays. Having these items create a lasting memory impact, but nothing compares to the gorgeous glisten of jewelry. Whether for yourself or for a loved one, the brilliance of high jewelry makes for a precious keepsake during a special moment, or a prized investment to keep for the future. LVNA by Drake Dustin shares these sentiments by offering only the best in fine jewelry beloved by many.

As providers of highly-attainable fine diamond jewelry pieces and investments in the market, LVNA stands as a brand with signature character rooted in glamour. What once started as an e-commerce luxury jewelry store offering imported pieces from Hong Kong, LVNA is now a trusted name with five prime locations, and three more opening within the first half of 2021.

At its core, LVNA by Drake Dustin houses meticulously curated artisanal diamond and gemstone jewelry designs. Offering both classic ready-made jewelry and bespoke signature designs, there is a LVNA piece for every occasion. A stellar pair of earrings can become the perfect gift for your best friend, or you can treat yourself to a statement necklace as a job-well-done gift. Whatever it may be, you will be guaranteed that every diamond is 100% genuine Earth-mined with the hardness of 10. No lab-created, grown, cultured, or alternative diamonds in sight.

LVNA’s most ambitious piece to date, which embodies the quality and rarity only found in high jewelry, is “A Moon’s Embrace”. With stones loaned from the brand’s partners in Hong Kong, the set of glamorous earrings and geometric necklace were especially made for their #StayBrilliant campaign starring LVNA Ambassador Ivana Alawi. The necklace was constructed with 87cts multi-cut white diamonds glistening like the starry night sky, and set with a rare 11cts fancy yellow diamond centerpiece that symbolizes the moon. It’s as if the heavenly bodies that adorn our clear skies are situated around your neck. The earrings, on the other hand, were intricately crafted with classic drop diamond earrings with two matching pairs of 5cts yellow diamonds, 3cts princess-cut diamonds, and 8cts multi-cut white diamonds.

Along with their diamond guarantees, LVNA also stands by their quality gold used in various pieces. Solid gold settings in 14K, 18K, and 24K purities in international standard formulas accompany these highly-prized gems. Given Drake Dustin’s keen eyes on gemstones, every jewelry piece goes through strict quality control and testing in accordance to Philippine law and business ethics. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill brand that’s just for the looks–with LVNA, quality is queen.

Discover exquisite jewelry investments with LVNA. It’s about time you give yourself or a loved one the brilliance of fine diamonds! Visit their website to view their latest catalogue and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

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