Artists And Fans Honor Astro’s Moonbin After His Passing

Many remember the K-pop idol as someone who was always smiling and shining brightly on stage.

Last Wednesday, April 19, news outlets reported that Astro’s Moonbin was found dead in his home by his manager, according to Gangnam Police.

The group’s company, Fantagio, confirmed the news just after midnight, a few hours later. His family wishes to grieve his passing privately, asking people to refrain from speculating about the sad news.

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K-pop stars like Moonbin have made a positive impact on people all over the world and it is seen in the amount of posts honoring him.

He has also touched other artists’ lives, many of whom have taken to social media to honor his memory.

Tributes to Moonbin

On April 20, BTS’ RM and EXID’s Hani posted a plain black background on Instagram to express their grief.

Others like musical actor Kim Ho Young, 4MINUTE’s Ji Hyun, and veteran singer Sunday of CSJH The Grace posted photos of white chrysanthemums, a flower of mourning.

Yunho, from the K-pop duo TVXQ, posted an Instagram Story saying “I won’t forget how you shined as you smiled brightly. I pray that you will be happy and at peace there.”

Moonbin had previously starred in TVXQ’s Balloons music video when he was just a child. He played a young version of Yunho, who also inspired him to become an idol.

Shinee’s Taemin posted on Instagram, saying “I remember seeing you shining on stage. I hope you’re happy there, just as you’ve always been sparkling.”

Key, also from Shinee, left a touching comment on Moonbin’s last Instagram post. He wrote “I can’t sleep after saying my final goodbye with the hopes that you go to a good place. I sincerely hope you’re happy.”

“Thank you for leaving records of what Moonbin did on the days that have gone by. For those who are left behind, we can cry and smile at those memories and live on, anticipating the day we turn around the corner and you greet us with your bright smile. You’ve worked hard, really.”

Some of the people closest to Moonbin are his Astro groupmates. JinJin, Sanha, and Rocky had been with the bereaved family since the morning after his death.

MJ, who is currently undergoing his mandatory military service, filed for a leave to attend the funeral. Cha Eunwoo also immediately flew home from the US to be with everyone.

Moonbin’s sister, Billlie’s Moon Sua, will be the chief mourner for the funeral service, along with their parents.

For Filipino fans who wish to pay their respects, the New Frontier Theater has set up a memorial space open until April 22. 

Those who wish to leave flowers, candles, and letters are welcome to do so, as we celebrate the life of one of the brightest stars we know.

Banner image via Instagram @moon_ko_ng.

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