Luxe Japanese Clothing Brands For Different Occasions

These Japanese luxury clothing brands have landed in Manila, offering versatile, comfortable, and sophisticated pieces for different needs. 

The world knows Japanese clothing as some of the most elegant and comfortable in the world, with sleek and versatile designs that are sophisticated without being ostentatious. In a way, many brands from the Land of the Rising Sun are the very epitome of quiet luxury. Though certain Japanese fashion labels offer worldwide shipping, it can be quite tedious to undergo the process and waiting period. 

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Granted, one can shop during a trip to Japan, but that’s a treat that doesn’t happen as frequently. Luckily, brands are slowly bringing the best of Japanese luxury fashion to Manila for easy purchasing. If you’re looking for some of the best, below are four must-have brands for your closet:

SNIDEL: Street Meets Formal

SNIDEL started in 2005 with the vision of creating clothes where “street meets formal.” For more than a decade, the brand has released pieces that marry Japanese street culture with elegance, making them perfect for both formal and casual situations. For SNIDEL, beauty lies in the details, as the brand crafts clothes that are meant to enhance a woman’s silhouette. 

Tricia Gosingtian in SNIDEL
Tricia Gosingtian in SNIDEL/Photo courtesy of SNIDEL

This year, the brand opened in BGC’s Mitsukoshi Mall, offering its roster of versatile and comfortable staples straight from Japan. SNIDEL pieces sport timeless and reworkable designs that make them worthy investments for every woman’s closet. 

Tricia Gosingtian in SNIDEL
Tricia Gosingtian in SNIDEL/Photo courtesy of SNIDEL

“I appreciate Japanese fashion for its ability to encompass a wide range of styles while still retaining a distinct and unmistakably Japanese look,” shared Tricia Gosingtian, SNIDEL’s Philippine ambassador, during a press gathering. “It can transition from minimalist and understated to avant-garde and daring. Japanese fashion is known for its meticulous attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring that every piece is of the highest quality.”

Tricia Gosingtian in SNIDEL
Tricia Gosingtian in SNIDEL/Photo courtesy of SNIDEL

FRAY I.D.: Comfort for the Professional Woman

FRAY I.D. also recently launched in BGC’s Mitsukoshi, offering elegant yet comfortable pieces designed for the modern career woman. Combining superior textures and precise silhouettes, FRAY I.D.’s clothes flatter feminine figures while providing functional ensembles for days at the office.

Camille Co-Koro in FRAY I.D.
Camille Co-Koro in FRAY I.D./Photo courtesy of FRAY I.D.

That said, the quiet sophistication of FRAY I.D.’s pieces mean that women can wear them anywhere and anytime, even beyond the scope of their professional life. Each offering from the brand creates an easy, put-together look regardless of the occasion. 

Camille Co-Koro in FRAY I.D.
Camille Co-Koro in FRAY I.D./Photo courtesy of FRAY I.D.

“I love that FRAY I.D. is all about quiet sophistication and femininity, which I resonate with—especially now that I’ve become more certain [of] my sense of style,” explained Camille Co-Koro, the brand’s Philippine ambassador, during a press event. 

Camille Co-Koro in FRAY I.D
Camille Co-Koro in FRAY I.D./Photo courtesy of FRAY I.D.

Momotaro Jeans: Premium Japanese Denim  

As its name suggests, Momotaro Jeans specializes in quality denim pieces, all made by hand in their headquarters in the small town of Kojima, Okayama. The brand’s products exemplify the very best of Japanese denim, combining 100%  Zimbabwean cotton with premium indigo dye. This creates jeans that boast a softness and durability unlike any other.

Momotaro jeans
Momotaro jeans/Photo via Instagram @momotarojeans_official

Momotaro also uses proprietary dyes in special shades that are unique to the brand. This is particularly impressive given the unstable nature of indigo dyes. Denim pieces are then skillfully and slowly woven by artisans on vintage shuttle looms. 

A model sporting Momotaro jeans
A model sporting Momotaro jeans/Photo via Instagram @momotarojeans_official

Filipinos can now purchase these famous jeans from Signet, which carries Momotaro’s “Battle label” jeans (sporting signature white stripes at the back pocket), the brand’s heavy-weight and dark indigo variety that comes in various cuts. Special denim jackets and pocket shirts are also available, as are the brand’s Zimbabwe cotton shirts. Such pieces make for comfy casual wear that carries decades of Japanese heritage. 

Momotaro’s Going to Battle 15.07 Natural Tapered Jeans
Momotaro’s Going to Battle 15.07 Natural Tapered Jeans/Photo from the Signet website

Kamakura Shirts (Maker’s Shirts): The Apex of Men’s Dress Shirts 

Men looking for the apex of dress shirts need not look further with Kamakura Shirts. The brand has a strong and prestigious reputation among tastemakers, who consider it a closet staple for the well-dressed man. Whether one is heading to the office or a formal gathering, Kamakura Shirts offer superior comfort with the finest cuts. 

A model wearing Kamakura Shirts’ white broadcloth shirt
A model wearing Kamakura Shirts’ white broadcloth shirt/Photo via Instagram @kamakurashirts_global

Yoshio Sadasue and his wife Tamiko established the brand in the 1990s, taking inspiration from Ivy League fashion. The brand continues to work with the goal of creating impeccable dress shirts that will stand the test of time. 

“Many fabrics we use are 100% cotton, while some collections feature a luxurious 200 or even 300 thread yarn count. The buttons are made from natural shell, and our interlinings are non-fused,” wrote the Kamakura Shirts on the company website. “Simply putting your arm through one of the sleeves will reveal to you why our shirts are so special.”

A Premium Circular Jersey from Kamakura Shirts
A Premium Circular Jersey from Kamakura Shirts/Photo via Instagram @kamakurashirts_global

The store has since grown a huge following, with a physical branch in New York and a website customers can order from. However, Filipinos can now purchase the brand’s shirts from Signet, which carries a variety of pieces from the brand, from Oxford shirts to vintage IVY button down chambrays. 

Kamakura Shirts’ Suvin Gold Button Down Oxford (in Tokyo Classic Fit)
Kamakura Shirts’ Suvin Gold Button Down Oxford (in Tokyo Classic Fit)/Photo from the Signet website

Banner photos courtesy of SNIDEL and FRAY I.D.

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