Three Stunningly Designed International Bars That Will Amaze You

It’s not just the drinks and music that attract a stylish crowd to these fabulous spots, people also come for the incredible design.

Provocateur (Dubai, UAE)

With a flagship location in New York City, Provocateur is the first American nightlife brand to enter the UAE. Located at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort in Dubai, this glamorous and sexy ultraclub has hosted some of the world’s most in-demand DJs like Grammy winner Felix da Housecat to play rousing electronic sets. The bar at Provocateur offers all the new classics served with a flamboyant touch; patrons can enjoy their libations in a space designed to encourage socializing and having fun. Curvaceous tables and banquettes add softness to the sleek, modern interior while the dramatic lighting scheme with its strong graphic appeal provides contrast.

The centerpiece of Provocateur is a massive chandelier that resembles a luminous jewel radiating beams of light. | Image from
Catering to music lovers, the focus of this glamorous ultraclub is its curated mix of deep house, RNB, hiphop, and other styles of electronic music. | Image from
The long banquettes invite patrons to mingle while they enjoy VIP service. | Image from

The Flow of Ecstatic Bar (Dongguang, China)

Located in the business district of Dongguang City, The Flow of Ecstatic is a bar that boasts an all-grey interior highlighted by a swooping ceiling sculpture made of bamboo. Designed by Daosheng Design, this minimalist establishment features a bar counter made of stainless steel, walls covered in grey silk, and sleek grey tiles on the floor. The intention of the design, according to lead designer Yongming He, is to encourage patrons to decompress from their hectic urban lifestyles. This is an inviting place where people can slow down, have a drink, and relax. Different forms of leisure activities can be enjoyed in the different seating areas: cocktails can be sampled at the bar while appetizing dishes can be savored at the tables. There are also groupings of stools and low tables for casual drinks with friends.

The all-grey interior of The Flow of Ecstatic is a modern oasis of calmness and tranquility in the the city of Dongguang. | Image from
Aside from enjoying drinks at the bar, patrons can also dine at this minimalist establishment. Comfortable sectionals and modern side chairs encourage diners to relax and unwind. | Image from
The sinuous bamboo sculpture suspended from the ceiling is intended to evoke the brushstrokes of traditional Chinese calligraphy and the fluid movements of the Dragon Dance. | Image from

Blue Moon Lounge Bar (Madrid, Spain)

Upon entering this amazing bar created for the Casa Décor 2020 event, patrons are immediately immersed in a world of vibrant color and dazzling reflections. Designed by Ruiz Velásquez Studios, Blue Moon’s sculptural interior features repeating circles and arches that give the entire space the look of an optical illusion. Ultra-glossy surfaces reflect light and shapes throughout the mostly indigo blue lounge while an earthy vaulted brick ceiling provides contrast and a touch of warmth to the ultra-modern design and materials. Patrons can enjoy privacy in one of the sleek, cozy cubicles or mingle with other guests at the bar.

Resembling an optical illusion, Blue Moon Lounge Bar features a sculptural interior of arches and circles that are reflected on ultra-glossy surfaces. | Image from
Dramatic arches create a sense of dynamism and flow in the bar area of this sleek lounge which was created specially for the Casa Décor 2020 event. | Image by
Cubicles made from glossy panels provide patrons with a more intimate lounge experience. | Image by

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