SPOTTED: Tim Yap Celebrates a Polka Dot-Themed Birthday

The well-known ‘eventologist,’ a term Tim Yap created to describe himself, throws a wonderful birthday celebration in his true creative fashion. Together with his family and good friends, everyone walked in Raffles Makati dressed in their best polka-dot themed ensemble in different hues. The theme can also be a nod to the new year, embracing wealth and abundance. True enough, with the striking contrast of red and white decor, dazzling lights, and spirited conversations among guests, Tim’s party epitomizes prosperity for the rest of the year.

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Spot the birthday celebrant

Huge red spots adorned the floors of the hotel, leading to the highly-anticipated party at the rooftop. Cyndi Fernandez styled the decor, opting to have a long white couch at the center, curving around tables and red seats where guests settled in. Before the party began, good friends were already engaged in animated conversations about the recent holiday season and plans for the incoming year. This wonderful reunion would not be possible without greeting the celebrant with only the best wishes. With the high level of energy in the party, it is no wonder everyone had a great time. After all, it is about celebrating another year with Tim whose bright personality, creativity, and passionate heart continue to influence and impact the lives of those around him.

Scroll below to see the rest of the Instagram posts of Tim Yap’s birthday celebration.

IG stories of Candy Dizon and Amanda Zamorra.
IG stories of Amanda Zamorra and Candy Dizon.

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