Time For A Cleanse: Restoring Your Health After Holiday Drinking - Skin Deep

Alcohol is an ever-present guest at our holiday celebrations, but how can we help our bodies recover from one too many drinks?

From short-term effects like unpleasant hangovers to long-term ones like heart problems and insomnia, many of us are well aware of how alcohol affects our bodies.

For those who are aiming for smooth and glowing skin, did you know that alcohol can also impact your complexion?

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Effects of alcohol on skin

Nutritionist Jairo Rodriguez says that “Alcohol is actually one of the worst, most aggressive compounds to destroy your skin.”

The first reason is because it causes dehydration. Someone who regularly has two drinks a day will find that their skin develops more wrinkles due to the lack of fluid.

Second, alcohol causes inflammation. This is most obvious when your skin flushes red while drinking. If drinking becomes a common occurrence, the redness may not go away.

It’s time for a reset

After the holiday celebrations are over, it’s much easier to take a break from alcohol. Giving your body a chance to recover will allow it to rehydrate.

The charity Alcohol Change UK has actually proposed a challenge called Dry January in which they encourage people to go completely alcohol-free for the first month of the year. January 2023 actually marks 10 years since the campaign first began.

According to the organization, this reset will help you “Sleep better and have more energy, improve your mental health and concentration, look fabulous and get brighter skin, save money and feel an amazing sense of achievement.”

If cutting off alcohol completely doesn’t sound manageable for you, people have also joined the less restrictive “Damp January.”

Vedant Pradeep, the CEO of an app called Reframe that aims for alcohol reduction, says that Damp January is for “Anyone that wants to make positive adjustments and experience all the health and emotional benefits of drinking less, while not eliminating alcohol completely from their lives.”

Simply being more mindful of your alcohol intake this month (and hopefully the rest of the year) is a step towards taking better care of your body and mind.

Banner photo via Pexels by Inga Seliverstova.

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