Madonna Commences The Celebration Tour In London

Queen of Pop Madonna begins The Celebration Tour in London. She showed her loving fans her unbeaten charisma and talent through the tour, which kicked off in London.

Madonna gave a performance of a lifetime gracing the London crowd with her first night of The Celebration Tour

The Queen of Pop proved her musical reign, unending charisma, and amazing talent at her most awaited concert. She played more than 40 hit songs such as “Ray of Light,” “Like a Prayer,” “Holiday,” and “Like a Virgin.”

Madonna The Celebration Tour
The Celebration Tour/Photo via Instagram @madonnamadders1

The star expressed as well that due to an illness earlier this year, she didn’t think she was going to make it. And, her doctors thought so, too.

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Madonna’s battle against her near-fatal illness

The pop queen pushed back her tour from its original schedule in July after getting diagnosed with a serious illness. A serious bacterial infection caused Madonna to be hospitalized and put into intensive care. 

“I didn’t think I would make it–neither did my doctors,” she said

The singer expressed gratitude for her children during the concert as they inspired her through her health scare. She said that she thought she had to be with her children and survive for them. 

She played an acoustic version of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” after her story. 

The Celebration Tour, a concert with all of Madonna’s greatest hits

The Celebration Tour features the Queen of Pop’s greatest hits, billed as Madonna’s first concert containing songs that catapulted her career. She wore vintage costumes and recreated outfits from her archives while performing, taking the fans back to when she started up to her popularity.

Madonna, the Queen of Pop
Madonna, the Queen of Pop/Photo via Instagram @justjared

She opened the concert with “Nothing Really Matters” and addressed loving fans through the lyrics, “I’ll never be the same because of you.”

Madonna devoted the first act of her show to her pre-fame New York years, where she tried to conquer the music industry. She recalled that her first job was being part of a band called The Breakfast Club, where she played the drums. 

She recalls that she didn’t like to be the drummer and she wanted to be in front. “So they let me play one song, one night,” she added. She strapped on a guitar after saying this, and played one of her earliest singles, “Burning Up.”

The Celebration Tour, a family affair

Madonna interacted with her children during the tour, immediately becoming one of her show’s highlights. BBC reported that her children joined her onstage, together forming the concert as a touching family affair.

Her adopted son David also played guitar when Madonna performed Mother And Father, a song about her mother’s death. Images of her mom and David’s birth mother Marita appeared on the video screens while the song played. It acknowledged the impact of losing a parent. 

Madonna with her son, David
Madonna with her son, David/Photo via Instagram @madonna

One of her children, Mercy, played the piano for her for the ballad song, “Bad Girl.” Madonna and Mercy sang while the latter showed off melodies on the keyboard. 

Madonna’s 11-year-old Stella joined the party as well, as she danced for the cowboy-themed song, “Don’t Tell Me.”

The seven-time Grammy award winner is on her European leg of The Celebration Tour. She rescheduled her North American tour in December after Europe.

Banner photo via Instagram @jstamenov.

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