Nix Alañon Discovering His Design Identity

Nix Alañon’s design code embodies the timeless elegance and sophistication that define the Lexus brand.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s July 2023 Issue.

“Whatever goals that you have set in the beginning of the year, by this time, you should already be making them happen, you know?” Nix Alañon says after a poignant pause. It is a Thursday in June and the weather for the past few days has been unpredictable, with moments of sweltering heat followed by sudden downpours.

These days, when the interior designer and founder of FTA Design and Phoenix Home isn’t occupied with work, you can find him in Batangas, his secondary residence. “I connect with nature and get as much rest as I can [during the weekend],” he shares how he finds inspiration for the upcoming week, immersing himself in the comfort of his surroundings and always setting his sights on what’s ahead, coincidentally akin to the vision of Lexus.

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Starting Point

For Nix Alañon, a crucial aspect of his design approach is gaining a deep understanding of the client’s lifestyle and desires

From a young age, Alañon found joy in transforming spaces. Even in the late hours of the night, he couldn’t contain his enthusiasm, surprising his parents with his creative late-night dinner arrangements. “When I was younger, I really liked fixing the house, arranging, rearranging the furniture. And I would save up just to buy accessories, whatever I can afford, and I would usurp the house. I would wake my parents up in the middle of the night and show them what I made,” he laughs.

As he entered his young adult years, his dinner setups at unconventional hours evolved into fully-realized hosting endeavors. Embracing his interest in putting things together and styling the house, he delighted in creating small, intimate dinners. He adds, “I like entertaining, hosting. I would call my siblings and my parents, and tell them that I have this tea party.”

Endless Vision

The interior designer draws inspiration from diverse design eras, combining modern and vintage elements

Alañon often worked on projects involving model units in the early days of his career, striving to find furniture pieces that would perfectly complement his designs. Yet, he consistently faced the challenge of sourcing pieces that matched his personal taste and are aligned with his creative vision. Recalling those moments, he shares, “I realized [that starting a furniture company] could be a good opportunity. The idea just came naturally to me.” While his primary ambition was always the establishment of FTA Design, the concept behind Phoenix Home was a more spontaneous decision

The furniture company specializing in reasonably priced custom pieces was set up five years after the establishment of FTA Design. This move allowed Alañon to diversify his business portfolio and provide complementary offerings to FTA Design. “Of course, not everyone would have that inclination to build another business to support their other business. But for me, it was also very good timing.”

For Alañon, a crucial aspect of his approach is gaining a deep understanding of the client’s lifestyle and desires. He emphasizes that design goes beyond visual appeal, and says, “It’s more than just the design, that’s just the front.” By taking a holistic approach, he creates designs that enhance the client’s experience and reflect their individual lifestyle.

Burgeoning Community 

Embracing a future-forward approach, the Lexus RZ represents the limitless possibilities for the brand

Alañon’s evolution as a leader in the design industry has been marked by a shift in perspective. Initially driven by the urge to take on multiple projects simultaneously, he now values a more deliberate approach. “When you’re younger, you’re more gung-ho, you’re like, ‘I can do this, I can do everything all at the same time.’ And having so many projects in your arsenal is something to be proud of when you’re younger,” he says. “But you realize, it’s okay to slow down, you know. Take it easy. Get projects that you like, and maybe have a small team.”

Thriving in an industry teeming with opportunities, Alañon takes pleasure in the success of his friends and colleagues. He celebrates their achievements and the abundance of work available, stating, “I’m always happy to hear that my peers have landed this client or that. So many houses and businesses are being built.There’s so much work for everyone.”

Alañon’s forthcoming collection combines artistry and practicality, bringing a touch of both to homes everywhere. This creative endeavor allows him to exercise his design skills and reenter the retail space once again, “We feel like it’s about time.”

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