Consul Mellie Ablaza's Pink-Inspired Birthday Celebration

Mellie Romero Ablaza, the honorary consul of Guatemala, threw a lively Barbie-inspired birthday bash at her beautiful Amelia estate.

Have you ever found something so delightful it just makes you smile? Well, that’s exactly what Consul Mellie’s recent party was all about.

On December 10, 2023, everyone gathered at the beautiful Amelia estate in Alfonso, Cavite, to celebrate Mellie Romero Ablaza’s birthday. 

Mellie, often referred to as ‘Mellie,’ holds the esteemed position of honorary consul of Guatemala. She’s a gracious hostess renowned for orchestrating lavish social affairs.

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Photo courtesy of Mellie Ablaza

Blessings and Cheers

Mellie’s son, Jun Jun Ablaza, came up with the idea for the party – a pink wonderland inspired by Barbie. 

For someone like Mellie, who is always young at heart, Barbie was the perfect choice for a themed party. 

The celebration started with a mass at the chapel on the estate, and Mellie was there early to welcome everyone. 

Even though her husband Louie couldn’t make it due to unexpected reasons, the rest of Mellie’s family was there, dressed in pink. 

Jun Jun and Czarina Ablaza Syquia, who always have a unique sense of style, attracted a lot of attention from guests wanting photos with them.

Socializing in Style

Nini Licaros, Consul Helen Ong, US Ambassador Mary Kay Carlson, and Georgette Wilson/Photo courtesy of Mellie Ablaza

Mellie looked stunning in her pink gown by Steve De Leon, like a real-life Barbie. And the guests didn’t disappoint either, showing up in different shades of pink, trying their best to look like Barbie and Ken.

The weather that December day was perfect for an outdoor cocktail hour by the pool. The pool area turned into a Barbie pink paradise with canopies, rubber flamingoes, and inflatable toys.

There were even models dressed up as Barbies and Kens, adding a touch of glamour by dancing, playing around, and swimming in the pool.

But the real magic happened in the ballroom, which turned into a fabulous pink Barbieland. 

Three life-sized dolls towered over the special table. Mellie sat there with guests, including the Norwegian Ambassador Christian Lyster and his wife, and other diplomats.

Radiant Smiles

Delicious food, expertly crafted by Chef Jessie Sincioco, filled the day, accompanied by great music and non-stop dancing.

Mellie’s party gave everyone a taste of a vibrant Barbie world at her beautiful estate, Amelia. 

This place is extra special to Mellie because her husband Louie built it as a gift for their golden wedding anniversary in 2015. 

Hacienda Amelia is her very own Barbie world, where they create lots of wonderful memories with their family.

Banner photo courtesy of Mellie Ablaza.

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