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Globally renowned design experts find a way to blend form and function with Modernbrands.

Making your bedroom, kitchen, and wardrobe areas look and feel exactly the way you like is but an easy task. It’s a process that requires both an open mind and a keen eye for detail, so you normally could be asking yourself whether a piece of furniture complements another one. With Modernbrands, a one-stop-shop for luxury home interior design, you will have no problem finding quality kitchen, bedroom, and wardrobe furniture from top Italian manufacturers. 

So, whether you’re blending sharp edges with velvet, wool, and linen, Architect Norman Agleron and Architect Royal Pineda—the brains behind The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore and the New Clark City in Capas, Tarlac, respectively—point to the emphasis on multifunctionality over fads. Read on to get those creative juices flowing and find the perfect pieces for your interior.

Novacucina Kitchen: A haven of culinary opulence and masterpieces

Multipurpose with seamless design

Storage and wardrobe are probably the most ignored element inside a home. Often, people miss the need for a place where they can keep all things close to their hearts. “A design would not simply be completed without it,” says Architect Norman.

Italian wardrobe company Santalucia Mobili features great flexibility across its range of offerings, allowing Architect Norman to turn design intentions for his clients into reality.

“Every space needs to serve its purpose, and there should not be any reason for clutter.”

Norman Agleron, Partner Architect, HBA Manila

Nature to the next level

Natural elements are able to flourish in interior spaces. Warm wood for cabinets and cupboards, as well as natural marble, glass, and metal create the perfect balance and harmony—which is especially achievable with Novacucina Kitchens.

“I’ve always loved nature,” Architect Royal discloses. “So, the first factor to consider for me is bringing in nature.” The earthy tones, partied with the green and blue hues, complete the calm in a given space.

“Whenever interiors start to mingle with nature, that in itself is a very successful design.”

Royal Pineda, Principal Architect and Chairman, ROYAL PINEDA+

A true home spa

Novacucina: An experience of pure luxury in every pamper session

The bedroom is a private oasis inside the home. It is a place of rest away from the busy world. “This is where comfort comes in,” declares Architect Norman. “But when I say comfort, it doesn’t necessarily mean just the quality of the mattress. It also means having the right dimensions for all the pieces and fixtures along with it.”

Bliss and rejuvenation turn into reality through a wide range of finishes that allow one to have a cohesive color palette in their personal spaces. This is a unique feature of Alf Dafre—expressed across their cabinetry, beds, and other furniture.

In the Philippines, Novacucina, Alf DaFre, and Santalucia Mobili are all distributed by Modernbrands. Their showroom is located at 7489 Bagtikan St., Makati City. To book an appointment, call +63 917 811 9392.

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