Top 4 Camping Destinations To Fulfill Your Dream Adventure

Whether you witness wildlife in their migration or camp in the midst of primitive wilderness, you are certain to enjoy the thrill that comes in these adventure trips. Nothing beats the wonderful feeling of escaping from urban life and reconnecting with the environment. Hence, we have listed top destinations where you can immerse in the grandeur of nature through hikes, game drives, camps, and trails.

Photograph courtesy of And Beyond

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Dubbed as one of Africa’s Greatest Wildlife Reserves, Maasai Mara is home to spectacular eco-systems and wildlife like the most sought-after “big five.” The best time to visit the reserve is from July to October. In this time, you can witness the migration of different animals like Wildebeest and Zebra. You can also go on game drives, trails, camping, and even visit the local community of the Maasai. They are a pastoralist culture recognized for their beaded jewelry and red robes. A three to four-day safari at the reserve is recommended. Yet you can stay for a longer time to capture more authentic wildlife moments.

Photograph courtesy of Maui Inn

Haleakala National Park, Hawaii

Translated as “House of the Sun” in Hawaiian, the dormant volcano offers a breathtaking view of landscapes and skyscapes. You can visit the Haleakala Visitor Center to get the prime view of nature’s mesmerizing moments: the rising and setting of the sun. There are also hiking trails and campgrounds to witness beautiful Mars-like red deserts, spectacular rock gardens, and coastal area in intense hues like an azure sea, green forest, and silver falls. The weather varies from hot and dry to cold and windy at the same time. You can visit the park anytime although locals recommend camping overnight or arriving early to avoid crowds.

Photograph courtesy of Lindsay Fendt

Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

In the midst of this “biologically intense” rainforest, you can see a multitude of species and abundant trees and plants. Walking along trails allows you to witness and experience one of the remaining wet forests of Central America. There are about 400 bird species and Costa Rica’s endangered inhabitants like Scarlet Macaws and Red-backed squirrel monkeys in the forest. For camping, hiking, and trekking, there are six ranger stations with telephone and potable water. Travel any time within December to April, the dry season while September to October sees the rainy season.

Photograph courtesy of Harrison Jacobs

White Desert, Egypt

The surreal landscape of this desert features beautiful frost-colored spires and shapes. Witness how these sculptural formations glimmer in orange-pink hues during sunset or appear ghost-like under a full moon. Crystal Mountain is among the well-known attractions with how it is entirely made up of quartz. Lake Al Marun is also a must-visit for it is commonly where migratory birds are found. For a more authentic experience, visitors would camp out. This is to better see the calcium formations and at night, take in the fascinating view of the star-dusted sky.

Montblanc EXPLORER fragrance and StarWalker pen. (Photographs courtesy of Montblanc)

Reconnecting to the world

For some travelers, narrating adventures is one way to treasure those special memories. Montblanc recognizes the need to cherish these trips as a way of reconnecting with nature. To do this, the luxury brand unveiled its EXPLORER fragrance and StarWalker pen. The pen developed from its partnership with Korean illustrator Jaehoon Choi and Chinese-American astronaut Leroy Chiao.

The StarWalker pen expresses the wonder of space exploration. From the translucent dome representing earth rising above the lunar horizon to the angled clip cover resembling a space rocket, the pen is a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing.

To continue with the theme of adventure, Montblanc unveils its EXPLORER fragrance. The new fragrance bursts with top note Bergamot, heart note Vetiver, and base note Patchouli. The masculine, woodsy scent brings out a sense of passion from the elegant explorer, ready for the ultimate adventure.

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