Trash is Cash: NFT of a Garbage Bin Makes Over $250,000 - Arts & Culture

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Crypto artist Robness has sold a non-fungible token (NFT) of a trash GIF for $252,968.

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He had minted the NFT of the work titled “Brute Trash Can” on digital art marketplace SuperRare in January 2020.

Although the artist received a couple of offers since then, he only accepted the highest bid from fine art purveyor VincentVanDough at 60 Ether (around $250,000 at the time) in October 2021.

Robness is the creator of the controversial “64 Gallon Toter” that influenced the crypto art movement #TrashArt. His total artwork value is estimated at $1.69 million with at least 274 pieces sold.

The Brute Trash Can is one of the creator’s three #TrashArt pieces on SuperRare. The others are the “Uline Trash Can” with a list price of 412 Ether and the 64 Gallon Toter listed at 65,920 Ether.

All of these incorporate or derive from trash cans, featuring a glitchy aesthetic.

Among the three, the 64 Gallon Toter remains the most popular on the internet. It has inspired thousands of copycats and tributes since its inception.

However, SuperRare earlier removed the said work and threatened legal action against Robness for allegedly breaking copyright. They would later reinstate it on their website after the image was supposedly reappraised by the public.

The NFT market generated over $23 billion in trading volume last year, according to the 2021 Industry Report of data acquisition and analysis company DappRadar.

“The proof of ownership entitled to their holders and the integration of intelligent computational processes disrupted the way we treat digital art and collectibles,” the report read.

Banner Photo by Robness via SuperRare

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