David Beckham On Living the #BornToDare Lifestyle with Tudor

A small crowd of reporters and local celebrities enjoyed champagne and a scenic view of Hong Kong at the rooftop bar of the Murray Hotel. Everybody was excited to meet international football sensation David Beckham, who was in the city for an exclusive Tudor event. When he arrived, everybody gathered around him (selfie stick in hand) for a chance to get a picture. Even the most elegant women in the room were removing their Louboutins to fight their way through the eager crowd. It has been decades since Beckham made a splash in pop culture as one of the world’s top football players. His staying power is undeniable. Today, he enters a new stage in his life—as a respected businessman, philanthropist and global style icon.

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David Beckham at the exclusive Tudor event in Hong Kong
David Beckham at the exclusive Tudor event in Hong Kong
David Beckham spoke to the press at the Murray Hotel's Gentlemens Club
David Beckham spoke to the press at the Murray Hotel’s Gentlemen Club

A Kid in a Candy Shop

Earlier in the day, members of the press flew in from all over Asia for a chance to interview Mr. Beckham. Lifestyle Asia was the only luxury lifestyle magazine invited for the interview and quick meet and greet. The football icon arrived at the hotel ballroom, and despite jet lag, was quite happy to be there to promote the launch of the new Tudor Glamour line. “I feel very proud to be part of something that has so much history and heritage—to be part of a brand that cares so much about what they do,” he shared. “I was like a kid stepping into a candy shop when the offer came. This is a partnership that’s long-term, and it’s about commitment. I felt like I was part of the family—it’s like Real Madrid, [I was] part of the family. I’m very lucky to have a partnership that gives me that feeling.”

Since gaining his celebrity status in the late 1990s, Beckham’s fashion choices were always being watched around the world. “I have a wife that has great experience in the fashion world. I’ve worn many different things…changed my hairstyle [many times]. I’m 43 years of age now. I want to look classier. The English does classic very well,” he shared with a chuckle.

Today, Mr. Beckham’s style has shifted. From younger, sportier watches, he chooses age-appropriate timepieces he considers elegant. “[I want something elegant] that you can wear with a suit, with a tracksuit, for the gym, [while] going out to lunch. Personally, the timepiece has to be the best. It can’t just be pretty, but it needs to be mechanically amazing and well recognized.” He now sports one of Tudor’s latest models, the Glamour Double Date, a watch defined by the company as a timepiece that is distinguished by its versatile elegance.

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Tudor defines the new Glamour Double Date timepieces as extremely versatile
Tudor defines the new Glamour Double Date timepieces as extremely versatile

A Feat of Watchmaking

The origins of the Tudor brand dates back to 1946, when Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf created the Montres Tudor SA Company. They offer timepieces with the quality of a Rolex at more accessible prices. Since their inception, the brand has gained a following on its own because of their forward style and excellent watchmaking abilities. The company is now considered a luxury brand. Mr. Beckham, a collector of watches, is part of this Tudor’s cult of followers. He stressed that the new Glamour Double Date is the ideal watch that fits the lifestyle of his newfound calling as a businessman.

The watch is a result of the Swiss brand’s great attention to detail. Looking closely at the model, it is easy to be impressed with elements incorporated into the piece. It has a double bezel, a polished steel case, and edges presenting an encompassing line. Measuring 42 mm in diameter, the Glamour Double Date has a refined and noble look to it. Inside the timepiece, a newly developed system called Manufacture Calibre MT5641 works with much precision. The technology has a small seconds hand at 6 o’clock and a double date function at 12 o’clock, which changes dates at midnight instantaneously. Available in steel or steel and yellow gold, the Tudor also offers a variety of bracelets for the Glamour Double Date. Depending on your personality, you can choose between genuine alligator, steel, or steel and gold. On the evening of the event, Mr. Beckham chose to wear his model with a dashing alligator strap, which perfectly matched his navy blue suit. He looked like a modern, rebellious Don Drapper, ready to take over the world.

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The new Tudor Glamour Double Date is equipped with a newly develop movement called Manufacture Calibre MT5641
The new Tudor Glamour Double Date is equipped with a newly-developed movement called Manufacture Calibre MT5641
David Beckham wears the Tudor Glamour Double Date, claiming that it is the ideal wristwatch for his new lifestyle as a respected businessman
David Beckham wears the Tudor Glamour Double Date, claiming that it is the ideal wristwatch for his new lifestyle as a respected businessman

The #BornToDare Lifestyle

Mr. Beckham admitted that he collects watches so that he could pass it onto his children, and they to theirs. “It’s like music, it’s like a sports event—it reminds you of certain times in your life,” he says with a grin. Despite an accumulated net worth of approximately $450 million, he remains to be active. Nowadays, he is trying his hand in new business ideas. He has been busy with Inter Miami CF, a professional soccer expansion team set to begin playing in the Major Leagues in 2020. “I wouldn’t be setting the right example if Victoria and I didn’t work hard at our [businesses]. It’s important to set the right example. I don’t want [my children] to see their dad sitting at home all day watching television and doing nothing,” he said. Mr. Beckham continued to say that his upcoming business excites him very much and he cannot wait to see the potential he and his partners can reach.

As the night ran on, Mr. Beckham retired to his room.  He arrived at Hong Kong just three hours before the event. The football icon might have a hectic life, with endorsing brands, raising children, and diving into a brand new enterprise. But Mr. Beckham did not show signs of tiredness or displeasure when meeting his fans. In fact, he looked energetic and excited. He leads the #BornToDare lifestyle Tudor promotes. And after our short meeting, I now understand the partnership between the heritage brand and the famous football star.

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