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Where does skin aging begin? Contrary to common belief, skin aging doesn’t settle just skin-deep but actually starts from within. Cells contain several lipid microdomains along their membrane that send and receive information with their environment. This communication system is responsible for the skin’s five vital functions: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration, and protection.

However, the slightest dysfunction in cellular communication can disrupt the skin’s balance and can exacerbate the aging process: cell renewal slows down, dehydration can set in, and the skin loses firmness and radiance. To solve this natural process within our bodies, it is only apt to use natural ingredients. Clarins Laboratories found the perfect ingredient for the job–turmeric.

Housing a unique flavor profile when used in cooking and a plethora of therapeutic and medicinal properties, turmeric has been widely used all over the world for thousands of years. Its extract, turmerone, is a molecule that aids the plant in pollination and alerts of any incoming threats. These are the exact properties that have been collected and concentrated in the Clarins Double Serum that preserves the cells’ listening ability, thereby optimizing the skin’s five vital functions as you age.

Turmerone, along with twenty other plant extracts chosen to act on specific skin functions, make up the bio-inspired, highly concentrated, and unique Double Serum formula. Its hydric and lipidic dual phase combines two-third water-based and one-thirds oil-based ingredients that is in perfect bio-affinity with the human skin’s own water and oil content. It is made from organic ingredients sourced from fair trade practices, such as leaf of life, edelweiss, goji berry, and green banana, among others. All of this is housed in the technological gem Clarins double vial bottle and double pump system that delivers both hydric and lipidic phases simultaneously.

All-natural and all-effective. The Clarins Double Serum takes 34 years of skin care expertise and remains the perfect combination of effective plant extracts and Clarins scientific and technological innovations.

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