Uncover the Top Beauty Secrets of Kelly Misa Using These Essentials

The discerning beauty and style icon reveals essential makeup and skincare routines to make you glow this season

Kelly Misa at an Estée Lauder store.

Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder is a brand that has created the most innovative, high performing skincare that is both iconic and well-loved. Gifting a loved one with a luxurious nighttime skincare regimen will surely elicit happiness when they unbox their present come Christmas morning. So basically, what you are giving is beauty therapy for the skin, which includes these nighttime skincare expert formulations to cleanse the pores and renew the look of the skin. What should a complete skincare regimen include—these essentials from Estée Lauder, of course.

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Estée Lauder Take It Away Makeup Remover Lotion, Estée LauderMicro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion, and Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. (Photos from Estée Lauder)


The most basic part of any skincare routine is to cleanse one’s face from makeup. Estée Lauder Take It Away Makeup Remover Lotion does it all but does it very gently. First off, this isn’t a soap that you need to rinse off with water, so that is already quite different from what we may be used to. The product is actually a lotion that you wipe off, along with all the day’s impurities. And it does it with such care, as your skin is left soft, calm and moisturized.


This is not your usual step when it comes to a traditional step-by-step skincare routine. But this is indeed an essential one when you’re doing it the Estée Lauder way. Estée LauderMicro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion not only leaves the skin so and smooth, but it prepares the skin to absorb the nourishing serums and moisturizers in steps three to five. This is crucial, for our skin to get the complete benefits of the skincare, and this unique product allows us to do exactly that.


This is Estée Lauder’s star product and a personal favorite of mine. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a powerful nighttime renewal serum that significantly reduces the look of key signs of aging. It uses an exclusive ChronoluxCB Technology, as well as anti-oxidants, and the ‘moisture magnet’ Hyaluronic Acid to lock it all in. This serum is deeply hydrating, intensely repairing and is unbelievably effective. It lends a rested,  esh look that anyone would love to wake up to every day.

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Kelly Misa wearing Dior Addict Lip Glow.


When it comes to glamorous, exquisite makeup, Dior is one of the top brands that come to mind. Which is why it comes as no surprise that this should be one of the most coveted gift s any girl would want underneath her Christmas tree. Of course, since makeup is customized to suit every skin tone, it would be best to take your best girl to one of Dior’s illuminated makeup counters for an alluring makeover. This is all part of a well-devised plan, of course, in order to get her exact foundation shade and clue in on all the makeup palettes and lipstick shades that suit her complexion. Dior has an impressive skin analyzing device that can not only tell you the state your skin is in, but can also deliver your exact foundation shade (no need to guess her shade), which is why it is suggested to bring your special someone to Dior. If this isn’t possible, there are many more stocking stuffers that suit virtually all skin tones, it is only a matter of choosing which one.

LEFT: Backstage Face & Body Glow. RIGHT: Backstage Glow Face Palette. (Photos from Dior)


Not only does it perfect the skin by smoothening its texture and hiding imperfections, but it can also add a glow from within by mixing the right product. Dior offers a wide range of true tones to suit every complexion, so the foundation looks like perfect glowing skin. Dior Backstage Face & Body Glow offers a subtly luminous complexion that’s easily buildable. This works so well with the foundation. Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation comes in 40 beautiful shades to capture every skin color. It seems Dior has gone above and beyond to perfect their foundation, and lucky for us, we get to benefit from it.

Contour and Highlight

One of the most important steps to applying makeup—adding a contour can define your cheekbones and jawline while working in a soft, shimmery highlight on the high points of the face can lend a fresh glow. Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette is a gorgeous palette adds instant radiance to the face that can range from a natural healthy glow to an intense luminosity. The palette includes a delicately shimmering peach, a bronze with holographic accents, a gold and a pearly white with maxi glitter.

Different shades of Dior Lip Glow.
LEFT: Dior Backstage Custom Eye Palette. RIGHT: Dior Addict Lip Glow. (Photos from Dior)


A gorgeous defined eye can take you from day to night, and depending on how you apply the makeup can give a fresh, just-woke-up look or a sultry smoky definition. Dior Backstage Custom Eye Palette is designed to be long-wearing yet is richly pigmented, this palette is a joy to use to create that desired look. Effortlessly buildable, in beautiful shades to help define the eyes—that’s what you get with this palette.


For a finished makeup look, one mustn’t forget the lips. Especially for this holiday-inspired makeup, the most striking red is a must. Dior Addict Lip Glow is a hydrating color reviver lip balm to prepare the lips for longlasting matte lip color. Dior Ultra Care in 999 is Dior’s first lipstick that is infused with flower oil, ultra care, and 12-hour wear. It comes in a range of so colors and offers a luminous pearly matte finish. This one in the shade 999 is a bluish red that is universally suited for all skin types.

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Kelly Misa with the Jo Malone products.

Jo Malone London

Arguably one of the best perfume and scented candle brands around, Jo Malone London is well-known for its timeless, sophisticated fragrances, and luxurious candles, bath products, and room scents. Any one of their products would prove to be great gifts to pretty much anyone (in case you didn’t know, most of their fragrances are unisex), and their wide selection of fragrances range from energizing citrus and sweet fruits to dreamy florals, invigorating spices, and aromatic woods.

Since all Jo Malone London fragrances have been developed to be worn alone or layered with another, Fragrance Combining is easier than ever. Th e most popular fragrance base is Wood Sage & Sea Salt, as it works well with most citrus, flowery and spicy scents. Lime Basil & Mandarin, as well as English Pear & Freesia Colognes, works especially well with this base, as well as Dark Amber & Ginger Lily. A personal favorite is layering Nectarine Blossom & Honey with the same base.

A Jo Malone London staff applying body crème on Kelly.
Different Jo Malone products.

Fragrance layering tips

A way to make your Jo Malone London scents more long-lasting: layer different products and scents together. For instance, wear the body crème first then spray on the cologne and top with a hair mist.

Spray the base scent like Wood Sage& Sea Salt first before topping it with a  fruity or floral fragrance like Nectarine Blossom & Honey. This helps the fragrance find its unique identity and allows the fresh scents to be enjoyed first with the base to follow soon after.

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LEFT: recommended skincare products of Kiehl’s. RIGHT: a Kiehl’s staff applying the products on Kelly.


Kiehl’s is a heritage brand that has been trusted for centuries. Imagine, the original Kiehl’s apothecary served patrons at the corner of13th Street and Third Avenue in New York City in 1851. That makes them 168 years old this year! Apart from the longstanding history of the brand, Kiehl’s revolutionized skincare by offering their first brand product (the Original Musk Oil, which is their signature scent); promoting their motto: Try Before You Buy, which popularized a distribution of sample products for customers to try at home; and proudly listing ingredients on its product labels before the U.S. government mandated it. Kiehl’s products have been known to be revolutionary, effective, as well as simple and easy to use.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, and Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense. (Photo from Kiehl’s)


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser is a mild cleanser that is ideal for everyday use. It is specially formulated with a sugar-derived glycoside foaming agent to thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove makeup without overdrying or stripping the skin of its natural oils. This is suited for all skin types, so this should be a great gift as it will surely be used every day.


One of their bestselling moisturizers, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is a 24-hour hydrating cream that helps keep skin comfortable and visibly well-balanced, particularly in harsh weather. For instance, it protects the skin from cold temperatures as well as dry and hot climates. An essential product.


From the Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions line, Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UVDefense Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ High Protection contains advanced UVA/UVB Technology and Anti-pollution Protection that has been known to prevent first signs of aging. It has a lightweight formula suited for all skin types. It is also paraben-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and is oil-free.

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