A Gold LEGO Piece Sells For More Than $18,000

A Goodwill store found a gold LEGO piece and priced it for $14.95, but the listing attracted buyers who offered thousands for it.

One just might find treasure in least expected places. Who would have thought that a simple gold LEGO piece holds a significant value? A small 14-karat Hau Mask found its way to a Goodwill store in Pennsylvania. It was part of Lego’s discontinued Bionicle collection. 

Smithsonian Magazine reported the line ran for nine years with a short revival between 2015 and 2016. These pieces were more like action figures than traditional LEGO pieces.

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Unassumingly valuable

Goodwill North Central Pennsylvania’s Vice President of E-Commerce and Technology Chad Smith said the LEGO piece came in a little old Lego box. “You wouldn’t think anything of it,” he said. 

The store manager placed the piece on Goodwill’s site and priced it at $14.95 as per Smith. People reported he said the store didn’t know its worth until people asked if they could purchase the piece for $1,000.

The LEGO piece came in a simple, old Lego box/Photo from Goodwill’s website

A report by USA Today revealed Goodwill spokesperson Jessica Illuzzi said they did a little research after getting multiple offers. They found out Lego released only 30 of the gold masks in 2001 and what they currently had was one of them.

One in 30 made

Lego’s Bionicle line had characters that originated from the fictional island of Mata Nui. Fans believed the concept’s universe’s gold masks grant protection to the wearer, and the golden Kanohi Hau mask’s power is strong.

People mentioned Illuzzi said Lego created just 30 gold LEGO masks. Lego gave away 25 of these and five remained for people who worked for the company.

“23 years later, one of these resurfaces, and it’s really unique,” Smith said according to CBS Pittsburgh.

The gold LEGO piece’s back part
The gold LEGO piece’s back part/Photo from Goodwill’s website

Gold LEGO sold after 48 bids

The gold mask measures one inch tall and weighs 26.14 grams. Goodwill said it has a 585 marking, meaning it is a 14-karat gold item. They tested it with a Mizar electronic gold tester ET18

Necklace chain not included,” the listing said. “[It is] truly a unique, rare, collectible piece.” 

The LEGO piece weighs 26.14 grams and is marked 585, meaning it is a 14-karat gold
The LEGO piece weighs 26.14 grams and marked 585, meaning it is a 14-karat gold/Photo from Goodwill’s website

Someone bid as high as $33,000 for the item but their payment did not go through, causing Goodwill to relist the item. The bid history revealed there were two buyers who were neck and neck but one with a dollar higher successfully won the item. The new owner wanted to remain anonymous.

People added there were 48 bids in total. Smith attested that it is the highest a piece has ever sold at Pennsylvania’s Du Bois store and the highest “any LEGO piece” ever sold.

Illuzzi claimed the funds will be used to support Goodwill. Money from the item will help provide jobs and training opportunities and more to assist their team to build competence and hone skills.

Banner photo from Goodwill’s website.

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