'The Eras Tour’ Gets Guinness Record For Highest Grossing Tour

Guinness World Records certified Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” as the Highest Grossing Music Tour, another honor following Swift being TIME’s 2023 Person Of The Year.

It has barely been a week since Taylor Swift became TIME’s 2023 Person Of The Year and her recognition just keeps coming. The Guinness World Records honored the singer-songwriter on December 12 for the Highest Grossing Music Tour due to The Eras Tour

Swift broke records consistently this year as she continues to top her own rankings in numerous categories and music charts. 

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The Eras Tour is number 1

Guinness’ website said that The Eras Tour became the highest-grossing music tour ever as it surpassed $1 billion dollars in revenue. 

The tour began in March of this year and is set to conclude next year after a total of 151 shows worldwide. The world records website cited Pollstar when it said Swift’s tour totaled $1.04 billion to date.

The world records website said that The Eras Tour gained so much popularity that it exceeded this year’s next two high-grossing tours combined.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour broke Madonna’s record for having the highest net for a tour by a female artist. The pop queen earned $579 million between May and October before The Eras Tour surpassed the numbers.

Pollstar declared as well that Swift’s tour earned heaps more with her current 60 shows than most artists. Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour with 328 shows garnered more than $900 million against her $1 billion. 

Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour topped Pollstar’s The Big Four World Record-Breaking Tours
Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour topped Pollstar’s The Big Four World Record-Breaking Tours/Photo from Pollstar’s website

The first concert tour that crossed $1 billion

Swift goes through her different musical “eras” through her concert tour, spanning 10 albums with 44 songs. Her fans prove their devotion to the singer through selling out her shows in ticket outlets as well as hotel accommodations in countries where she tours. 

Guinness mentioned that with 72,000 people attending each concert and tickets costing around $238, the tour grosses over $17 million per show. The singer’s merchandise became a profitable aspect of the tour as well as it raked in around $200 million.

Taylor Swift performs for fans in The Eras Tour in Argentina
Taylor Swift performs for fans in The Eras Tour in Argentina/Photo via Instagram @taylorswift

Pollstar said that more than 4.3 million tickets have been sold to the public. The polling body added that if all remaining shows proceed as scheduled, the tour could bring in an astronomical $2 billion dollar gross.

The Eras Tour became the first concert tour that surpassed the $1 billion threshold as per the polling body. It led Pollstar’s 2023 Year End Top 10 Worldwide Tours list.

Taylor Swift topped Pollstar’s list on its 2023 Year End Top 10 Worldwide Tours
Taylor Swift topped Pollstar’s list on its 2023 Year End Top 10 Worldwide Tours/Photo from Pollstar’s website

2023 is Swift’s record-breaking year

Guinness said the world record is only one of Swift’s several accomplishments this year. Swift held the record for the most simultaneous albums on the US Billboard 200 in June where 10 of her albums charted at the same time.

She proved she’s the ultimate “Mastermind” as she broke more records in July with Most US No. 1 albums by a female artist, Most Top 10 debuts on the US Hot 100 for female artists, and most cumulative weeks at No.1 on US albums charts to name a few.

The singer had the most monthly Spotify listeners in August. She earned the title as Spotify’s Top Artist of the Year in November, with streams amounting to 26 billion worldwide.

With a trajectory like this, Swift is likely to earn more accolades in 2024. She demonstrated once again that she has nothing but unparalleled flair and undeniable talent.

Banner photo via Instagram @taylorswift.

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