4 Countries That Grant Visa Free Travel For Filipinos

Aside from Southeast Asian countries, Filipino travelers have the opportunity to explore these visa free destinations.

The world is becoming increasingly more accessible to us Filipino travelers. With a growing list of countries offering visa free entries, we can explore a myriad of destinations without the hassle of securing permits before we could visit. This opens doors to spontaneous adventures, immersive cultural experiences, and unearthing notable gems within these locations. The ability to travel freely offers a deeper appreciation of diverse cultures.

Philippine passport holders typically travel visa free to Southeast Asian nations, but here are more countries that offer unrestricted travel to Filipinos.

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The Republic of Taiwan’s Bureau of Consular Affairs announced visa free travels to the country until July 31, 2025. Their exemption program will allow Filipinos to stay in Taiwan for 14 days. 

If you’re thinking of taking a Taiwan trip for the first time, or if you’re a frequent traveler who contemplates on returning, make sure to delight in the region’s remarkable gems. 

According to Klook, Taiwan has been a go-to destination for many due to their delectable cuisine and visit-worthy tourist attractions. Marvel in various locations that showcase brilliant architecture should you find the time to visit this year.

Jeju Island

Jeju Island suspended their visa free travel in 2020 due to the pandemic. Korea’s smallest autonomous province resumed the policy for diplomatic, official, and ordinary passport holders in 64 countries in 2022, so tourists can freely travel directly to the island. Travelers who wish to extend their visit to other parts of the country will need to obtain permission from the Jeju Immigration Office.

An aerial view of Jeju Island, Korea’s smallest special autonomous province
An aerial view of Jeju Island, Korea’s smallest special autonomous province/Photo from Jeju Tourism Organization’s Facebook page

Jeju Island offers stunning natural beauty, from volcanic landscapes, pristine beaches, to countryside and waterfalls. It is a paradise for those who have a strong affinity for nature. The island is known for its cleanliness, safety, and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for all kinds of travelers.

It is also a destination with a rich heritage, with traditional villages and food, for those interested in immersing in their culture. 

Jeju Island’s hassle-free travel experience allows visitors to focus on its beauty and charm.


Brazil offers visa free travel for Filipino citizens, allowing them to visit the country for tourism. Philippine passport holders are entitled to up to 90 days within a one year period. 

A majestic aerial view in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
A majestic aerial view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Photo from Raphael Nogueira via Unsplash 

There are so many places to include in your itinerary in Brazil due to its spectacular landscapes. Must-see destinations within the country are Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and the Copacabana beach, to name a few. Engage in activities like hiking in their national parks, visiting local markets, trying traditional dishes, and enjoy their famous beaches. 

Check some packages and tours available here.

Brazil is a mix of some of the world’s natural wonders, exciting adventures, food that excites the palate, and rich local experiences. 


Barbados offers visa free travel for Filipino citizens, allowing them to visit the island nation without the need for a visa for 90 days. This policy simplifies travel arrangements and encourages more Filipinos to explore the rich culture and beautiful landscapes of the nation.

Barbados is known for its azure beaches, historical sites, and note-worthy cultural experiences. Crane Beach, for example, is a good site for those seeking relaxation or water activities. Delve into the island’s history through visiting the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, located at the UNESCO World Heritage Property of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison. If you’re interested in railway histories and rum tasting, go to St. Nicholas Abbey, a plantation house, museum, and distillery.

Try out the local cuisine as well and try their national dishes, like flying fish, cou-cou, and pepperpot. They also have local markets worth exploring and food festivals that tourists may join in. 

The island will have different tours catering to those who either need tranquility or explorative adventures. Check available packages here on TripAdvisor.

Banner photo via Instagram @portstcharles and @visitbarbados.

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