Fashion Houses Give A New Twist To Their Classics

These brands are improving and innovating their landmark items and turning them into new styles.

Each fashion house has its dedicated signature fabrics. Luxury brands may have set and followed trends through the years, but they always come back to what they are known for. Moreover, these fabrics are the bread and butter of each fashion house—the landmark textiles established the fashion dynasties we know today.

They smartly update such signature fabrics to follow the taste of consumers. Though updated, fashion houses maintain the integrity of each landmark fabric and turn it into iconic clothing. Furthermore, these updated signature fashion items are worthy investments for your closet. 

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When talking about Fendi, people usually assume that their signature items are the Baguette and the Peekaboo bags; however, before Fendi was known for its bags, fur is what they were known for. Additionally, Fendi developed over nearly 90 years of study and invention with a constant eye toward history and the future. Recently, “Featherlike” fur has been the new innovation from Fendi. The fur of one or more colors is cut into thin strips to create patterns.

fendi coat
Featherlike fur coat/ Photo courtesy of Fendi

Max Mara

Max Mara is a quiet luxury brand that people with understated style love. Before becoming one of the leading luxury brands, their signature Max Mara Teddy Bear Coat is what they were known for. This year, the iconic coat turns 10 years old, and Max Mara is not planning to stop the ways they can innovate and improve their coats.

max mara coat
Teddy Bear Coat/ Photo courtesy of Max Mara


Aside from the iconic flap bags, Chanel is known for utilizing tweed. Tweed jackets, skirts, and everything in between are Chanel house codes. Moreover, each collection from the brand updates the use of tweed. Chanel never fails to incorporate new ways to use tweed in whatever collection they release. 

chanel tweed
Tweed runway look/ Photo via Chanel website

Banner photo courtesy of Fendi.

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