4 White T-shirts That Level Up Your Outfit

These white designer shirts may look simple and plain, but having them will surely elevate your wardrobe.

One of the most versatile pieces of clothing anybody can own is a white shirt. The styling possibilities for a plain shirt are endless—you can dress them up by layering them with a blazer, and you can also go the casual route by pairing them with jeans or linen pants. Owning a high-quality white shirt is a need for every wardrobe. 

One way to elevate your outfits is by investing in high quality basic pieces. Furthermore, buying a plain white designer t-shirt promotes slow consumption since you’re buying a piece that can be worn multiple times. Moreover, these white designer t-shirts epitomize stealth wealth or quiet luxury. 

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Loro Piana 

Made of a rare fleece that makes it wearable in any climate, The Gift of Kings® T-Shirt from Loro Piana is a must-have. The shirt is made of the finest virgin wool in the world—only 12 microns in diameter, making it breathable. The plain white t-shirt carries the brand’s legacy of excellence. 

The Gift of Kings® T-Shirt
The Gift of Kings® T-Shirt/ Photo from Loro Piana website

The Row

Aside from Loro Piana, another extremely quiet luxury brand is The Row. The Row’s Wesler top is a plain white t-shirt with a French seam at the back. Moreover, the small detail elevates the white shirt, adding an extra design layer while maintaining simplicity. 

Wesler top
Wesler top/ Photo from The Row website

Ami Paris

The Ami De Coeur T-shirt from Ami Paris proves that a little logo won’t ruin the integrity of a basic white t-shirt. The almost plain shirt has a small embroidered logo of the brand—still looking clean and dainty. Since the logo is on the right side of the chest area, a blazer or a jacket could easily cover it.

The Ami De Coeur T-shirt
The Ami De Coeur T-shirt/ Photo via Farfetch website


Lastly, a white shirt for those who are edgy and fashion-forward. The Diesel T-Angie cut-out logo T-shirt isn’t considered quiet luxury but it’s a white shirt that can be used in many different ways.  The cut-out logo in the middle is perfect for both layering and wearing it on its own.

Diesel T-Angie cut-out logo T-shirt
Diesel T-Angie cut-out logo T-shirt/ Photo via Farfetch website

Banner photo by Edward Berthelot via Instagram @imhearte.

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