Uplifting and Encouraging Reads To Brave The New Normal

Dealing with a global crisis calls for courage and fearlessness and these books can inspire and help you to take that path.

Brunch and Other Obligations

A poignant, smart, and delightful read, this novel by Suzanne Nugent explores the intricacies of reconnecting with girlhood acquaintances. Three women, whose personalities and lives are far different from one another, are forced to reunite to grant the request of their close friend Molly who passed away. Apart from giving them each mysterious messages and gifts, Molly had asked the three frenemies to have brunch every first Sunday of the month. The story follows the women’s journey in coping with the loss of their friend, dealing with personal struggles, and the shared hope in-between.

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Daring Greatly

If you love watching TED Talks, you might have come across Dr. Brené Brown, the professor whose research focuses on courage, empathy, and vulnerability. Her novel explores the reasons why it is difficult for people to be susceptible to risks. It also challenges the notion that vulnerability is not a weakness. Rather, it is a necessity that opens the path to make meaningful connections with others. The book offers a new perspective and truth about imperfection and its connection to having a life well-lived.

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Exit West

A favorite of former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, Exit West follows the journey of two lovers, Nadia and Saeed, whose town breaks into civil war. They flee from the tumultuous events and cope with its impact while finding themselves transported into foreign places through magical doors. With a brilliant, beautiful, and thought-provoking narrative by Mohsin Hamid, the novel is a must-read for those going through many difficult changes in their lives.

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More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say)

The trailblazing editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, Elaine Welteroth, tells her transition from being a writer to an editor and an activist. She was responsible for leading the online publication to help adolescents and young women to be socially aware and to discover and accept oneself. Elaine’s memoir is filled with personal stories and honest, inspiring lessons targeted for women who continue to struggle within a patriarchal society. She reminds women to take space as they have every right to, no matter where they find themselves in.

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The Dutch House

The eighth novel of Ann Patchett seems like a dark fairy tale, a gripping story of an unbreakable bond between siblings Maeve and Danny Conroy. Their father, Cyril, acquires a grandiose mansion called the Dutch House for his wife. However, it turns out, she strongly dislikes it and eventually leaves the family. The young siblings are then forced to grow up with a wicked stepmother-like figure together with her own daughters. Maeve and Danny fall into a paradise lost-experience and Patchett tells this in smoothly-transitioned time jumps. She fleshes out the strong influence of the house to the siblings and how they manage to overcome such a difficult childhood.

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Year of Yes

From the creator of the longest-running medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy and executive producer of How To Get Away With Murder, Shonda Rhimes is honest and hilarious in sharing how she broke into show business. As an introvert, it can be nerve-wracking to get past one’s comfort zone. Shonda admits she hired a publicist to avoid media appearances and even had panic attacks before interviews. So, being loud and open may seem like the only way to succeed in this industry yet Shona proves otherwise. In this memoir, she chronicles the positive impact of having the courage and saying ‘yes’ to good opportunities.

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100 Days to Brave

Author Annie F. Downs uses relatable humor to guide you in tackling situations that require you to stand your ground and be fearless. From dealing with transitions, choosing among tough choices, to overcoming fear, Down is set on encouraging you to work on your personal growth.

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