Upscaled Duality: The Wonders Of Designer Mules 

These half-shoes are perfect for powering through your lazy office days.

Lazy work days are among us. Especially with this gloomy weather, powering through the day is a challenge. Even picking an outfit for the office is a challenging feat. One way to appease a slow day is to choose comfortable clothes for the office, and one of the most comfortable articles of clothing is a sensible pair of mules. 

Definitely, mules are the best of both worlds—with an open back and a closed-toe front, these slip-ons make any working day comfortable. These designer luxury half-shoes would make your slow-working days bearable and comfortable. 

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Loewe Toy Mules

A pair of mules for a lady boss, these heeled mules are comfortably stylish. Furthermore, it is sporting a closed-toe and open-back design but adds a lacquered signature heel. The slip-ons are a playful take on the comfortable yet formal silhouette.

Toy mule in goatskin
Toy mule in goatskin/Photo via Loewe website

Golden Goose Ball Star Sabots

A mule best for casual wear, these sneaker mules are casually comfortable yet elevated. Golden Goose sneakers are known for their understated luxurious design, the pair of half-shoes is an example of the brand’s design intelligence. A perfect pair for a casual office day.

Ball Star Sabots in Nappa leather
Ball Star Sabots in Nappa leather/Photo via Golden Goose Website

Gucci Princetown Mules

The most luxurious option on the list, the re-edition 2015 Gucci Princetown Mules is a must-have. Perfect for a lazy yet upscale office day, the pair with wool trimmings would elevate any outfit. Sporting the casual yet formal horse bit loafer, the wool trimmings at the back will make your lazy office day extra comfortable. 

Gucci Princetown Mules
2015 Re-Edition Women’s Princetown/Photo via Gucci website

Banner photo via Gucci website.

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