Valentine’s Playlist: Set The Mood This Love Month With These Romantic K-Drama OSTs - K LIFESTYLE

These songs from K-drama original soundtracks will have you feeling like the romantic lead in real life.

K-dramas are never complete without some iconic, emotional music. Set the romantic mood in real life with the songs that reflect our favorite characters’ feelings of love.

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Christmas Tree by V

V’s soothing voice is ever-present throughout Our Beloved Summer. The perfect love ballad plays in the background of the story of two best friends who fall in and out of love, just to reunite again later on in their lives.

Starlight by Taeil

The upbeat soundtrack fits well in the backdrop of the youthful Twenty-Five Twenty-One. You’ll want to dive headfirst into love as Taeil sings “You are my starlight, you are my sunshine.”

Romantic Sunday by Car, the Garden

Take a break from your busy life with the easygoing Hometown-Cha-Cha and this feel-good song that’ll make you want to go on a scenic drive with the windows down.

In Your Time by Lee Suhyun

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay follows a cast of unique characters as they embark on the road to emotional recovery. Lee Suhyun’s soft but powerful voice adds to the intense emotions portrayed in the drama.

Here I Am Again by Baek Yerin

Who could forget the story of the star-crossed lovers in Crash Landing On You? Despite all odds, the pair find their way to each other, as Baek Yerin captures the heartfelt moments in music.

Like A Star by Doyoung

Yumi’s Cells tells the story of a woman who, despite having trouble expressing her feelings, grows and finds happiness. Doyoung’s earnest voice perfectly depicts the feeling of finding the one.

Everytime by Chen and Punch

This hit song portrays the blossoming love between the main characters in Descendants Of The Sun, as they sing “When I see your eyes, my heart continues fluttering, you’re my destiny.”

Introduce Me a Good Person by Joy

With a remake of a 1996 song, Joy’s clear and refreshing voice joins the soundtrack of Hospital Playlist. The song plays as the characters navigate their budding romantic feelings while still staying dedicated to their career.

Stay With Me by Punch and Chanyeol

It’s no surprise that one of the most popular K-dramas comes with an iconic soundtrack, and one of the best love songs of all time. 

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God tells the story of an immortal being in search of his bride, in the hopes that she will finally put an end to his curse.

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