French Luxury Brand Appoints Two New Asian Ambassadors

Nanao and Yu Shuxin’s styles are an ideal fit for the brand.

Just this month, Givenchy has announced two new brand ambassadors, one based in Japan and another in China.

More luxury brands have been paying close attention to their Asian markets in recent years. In January, Givenchy also named Big Bang’s Taeyang as brand ambassador, making him their first South Korean artist to take on the role.

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The versatile Nanao

Model, actress, and TV personality Nanao takes on the new role, marking the first time the French luxury fashion house has appointed a Japanese ambassador.

Arai Nanao Givenchy
Image via Instagram @givenchy

Nanao began her career as a model in 2009 then joined the film industry two years later. She’s best known for her roles in the live action adaptations of Gintama and Wotakoi, the action comedy Hell’s Garden, and the TV show Ninja ni Kekkon wa Muzukashii.

Givenchy creative director Matthew M. Williams praised the actress saying, “I really admire Nanao for her professional versatility as well as her personal energy and style. She will make an ideal Japan Ambassador.”

Arai Nanao Givenchy
Image via Instagram @givenchy

Nanao also expressed her gratitude for the new role. “Givenchy is a timeless brand that elevates me as a woman and an actress. I am very much looking forward to collaborating with the House on my personal expressions of elegance, which I consider a very important, key theme whether I am in front of the camera or not,” she said in a statement.

The inspiring Esther Yu

Meanwhile, singer and actress Yu Shuxin, also known by her stage name Esther Yu, is Givenchy’s new brand ambassador in China.

Esther Yu Givenchy
Image via Instagram @givenchy

Rising to fame with her first TV series in 2015, Yu’s popularity led to bigger roles in shows such as Find Yourself, Moonlight, and Love Between Fairy and Devil.

In 2020, Yu participated in the idol variety program Youth With You 2, becoming one of the show’s top trainees. She then debuted in the temporary girl group THE9 that same year. Later on, she pursued her solo music career and released her first self-titled EP.

Esther Yu Givenchy
Image via Instagram @givenchy

“Yu Shuxin’s talent as a singer and actress is inspiring, and her personal sense of style makes her a natural fit with Givenchy. I’m very pleased about this collaboration and look forward to working together,” said Williams in a recent statement.

In response, Yu said that she has admired the luxury brand for a long time. “Matthew is one of my favorite designers, and I’m delighted to become a part of the Givenchy family. It’s a beautiful House, and Matthew has such talent. I very much look forward to working with him and his team.”

Banner images via Instagram @givenchy.

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